Topics on Fire, Episode 8: Race and Social Media/Technology

Fantastic panel tonight – the episode is embedded below:

Topics on Fire, Episode 8: Race and Social Media/Technology on Sunday, November 2nd, at 11:00 PM Eastern on TalkShoe

Topics on Fire is one of the ways I’ve been tying to make social media effect real world change. Real world change is a topic near and dear to my heart these days (you can tell, I went so far as to submit a panel for SXSW on the idea). The first few episodes talked about the poverty gap and technology and ways to use social media to bridge the gap, and led to a companion piece on Technosailor, the generation gap and technology, education and technology/social media, politics and social media/technology and the gender gap and technology /social media, which led to the idea of Strong Women in Tech.

This week’s podcast will talk about Race and Social Media / Technology and will touch on a variety of things from how we are using social media (or not) to divide or unite cross-culturally, and what ways technology has changed our cultural and racial landscape.

Moderating: Leslie Poston @leslie, Uptown Uncorked, Mashable and Blorge


Shireen Mitchell, @digitalsista, Women Wired In

Liza Sabiter, @blogdiva, CultureKitchen

Rahsheen Porter, @rahsheen, SheenOnline and Black Web 2.0

Beth Kanter, @kanter, Social Media for Non Profits for Social Change

Possibly Erin Kotecki Vest, @queenofspain, Huffington Post and BlogHer