Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Me

The lovely Kate Dickman tagged me for the Seven Things meme that has been going around lately, so I decided to play along. I’ve actually answered this meme before as well as a similar one asking for six things, both on my personal blog last year. I’ll do my best to come up with seven brand new things for you all, though I can’t promise they’ll fascinate.

1) I have three tattoos (so far)

I love a beautiful tattoo, and I have three. I plan to get a few more before I’m done. I drew each of my pieces myself before taking them to the tattoo artists to have them done, and each symbolizes rebirth, forgiveness and second chances in some way to me. My first was a large butterfly on my ankle, my second was a phoenix flying out of a burning rose on my back (very large) and my most recent is one on my wrist that has the Gaelic symbol for Child, Woman, Crone repeated four times to form a cross with the Gaelic words for Kindness, Patience and Tolerance circling it on my inner wrist..

2) I lit my friend Brian on fire playing MacGyver when I was young

My friend Brian and I used to watch MacGyver then try out all the cool stuff he did on the show. One day we tried to make the fire retardant goop that stunt people used after watching an episode where he did it. Somehow I talked poor Brian into being the tester, and lit his arm on fire. Sorry, Brian! (He was fine, for those wondering, not even a tiny scar from the incident. Lucky us!)

3) I am a book junkie

I don’t get to read as often as I like anymore, but if left to my own devices, I will turn off the computers and cell phone and devour three to four books in a day. Books are candy for my brain. I like everything from the classics or non-fiction to brain candy like horror, thrillers, or series like Harry Potter. I learned to read very young, and haven’t wanted to stop since! My most recent guilty pleasure were the first two books in the Twilight series, though I haven’t read the last two yet so don’t spoil them for me in the comments! My books are stacked floor to ceiling in my house. I’m about to do a major purge, too, so if you love to read and want some of the many hundreds of books that will be about to go, or have a senior center in MA or NH who wants boxes and boxes and boxes of books – let me know. I purge like that once every 5 years, and still they pile up.

4) I used to tend bar

I was a bartender for 14 years. I bartended while I was in college, after college, while I worked at a financial newsletter as Managing Editor, and then part time when I started my own business. It allowed me the freedom to travel, to try new things, to meet interesting people and do interesting things. It also fit in with my natural tendency to stay awake until 4 AM and then sleep until 10 AM. These days I still stay awake until 4, but I am busy enough I tend to wake up and get going by 8 or 9.

5) I can’t imagine my world without music

I listen to music fairly constantly, always seeking out new music, and new musicians to help/promote using social media and the internet. I write lyrics, I used to play the piano rather well but after not having a piano or keyboard for a few years I’m pretty rusty from lack of practice. I also had a perfect soprano voice in high school but smoked until I have the throatier voice I have now. I am currently looking for a Casio PX-110 to play piano again – I have lots of lyrics waiting for music to finish the songs.

6) I used to be a reporter and then Managing Editor for a financial newsletter

Those of you who know how I am with money are laughing right now at this tidbit. In spite of my personal need to have an accountant manage my money at all times, I used to write about the stock market every day. For some reason I had no trouble seeing the big picture of stocks, just trouble with balancing my own budget. I was not very happy writing about stocks day in and day out, but I’m really happy I don’t have to write about them now. I’m much better suited for new media and technology.

7) I am the living embodiment of practice what you preach

When I say social media and the internet can translate to real world success and connections, I mean it. I know from personal experience. I have a few online success stories in my life, but the one that fits this last fact best is this one: I count my business partner Triston as one of my handful of best friends. I invited him on board when I started this business, and we have translated all that into concrete, real world successes and connections. The reason we are the embodiment of practice what we preach? We’ve done all of this friendship building and business starting and business running from two separate cities, strictly online and by phone. We have yet to meet in person. I think it is very cool that social media allows for success stories and collaborations like that to happen, don’t you?

The rules of the meme say I need to tag seven more people I’d love to know more about. That’s a tough call! I’d like to know more about all of you. Since I have to pick seven, though, I’m tagging some Boston-area rock stars in our industry: Maria Thurrell, Alexa Scordato, Rebecca Corliss (perhaps done to music, Miz Corliss, for added challenge points?), Mike Volpe, Mike Langford, Jamie Scheu, and Thomas Edwards. Since I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all of these people in person, I’m interested to know more about them. I’m also tagging an extra person, Triston, so he can tell you all a bit about himself. TAG, you’re all it!