Nuts for Nutsie

Nutsie is a unique little Web 2.0 application that allows you to take your iTunes to the next level. Listen to your iTunes playlist online or on your mobile phone – no need to have an iPhone! Not only can you listen to your own playlist you can share your playlist with friends. That’s right – the potential embarrassment of the “shuffle songs” selection isn’t just something that happens behind closed doors anymore. Now you can share it with your friends and family also.

Signing up for Nutsie was extremely fast and painless. It took less than two minutes from the moment I logged on to the Nutsie web site to the moment I received confirmation that my iTunes Library had uploaded into the Nutsie server. Downloading Nutsie to my phone to use the mobile version of the application was a little less painless.

After I received my confirmation from Nutsie, I clicked the link and was taken to my home page. There I saw my playlist, uploaded and ready to listen to. Nutsie only lists the songs in your playlists that it already has on its server. This means that more than half of my music was missing, as I like a rather esoteric blend of punk, alternative and other similar tunes. I wasn’t expecting them to have the punk songs I listen to, but I was surprised that some of the more mainstream songs were not there.

There was no lag time on the player at all when using it online. Nutsie also gives you the chance to view your list by CD instead of by song, and grabs the artwork that goes with the CD for you to browse visually. When you listen to the playlist it defaults to shuffle mode. You can switch to listening to each CD by switching views.

It took some finagling to download Nutsie to my phone, an F9200 by LG. Nutsie’s automated system sent the activation link to my phone immediately, but my phone had some trouble downloading the application. Once I got past its issues, the application loaded immediately, giving me access to my Nutsie iTunes playlist on the go.

I am enjoying Nutsie, but with an iPod already I’m not sure how often I’ll use the mobile phone application. Not only that, I’m already involved in so many other social music sites like MOG making room to actively participate in one more that offers fewer features seems redundant. As far as I can tell, Nutsie’s sole purpose is to listen to your own playlist and share it with a few people you already know. There is no way to make new friends with similar musical tastes that I could find, or to expand the application in any other way.

Nutsie gets a semi-positive reaction from me. It’s a cute, attractively designed, easy to use applicaton that gives you access to youriTunes library in a new way. It lets you share it with your friends, but has limits that keep it from going to the next level. I’ll keep it on my MacBook, but I don’t think it will see daily use.

My original version found at Profy site.

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