Why Twitter Matters

I was asked why Twitter matters today, and this was how I answered:

I am a confessed Twitterholic and social media maven, but I also truly believe Twitter matters for everyone. In addition to creating space for a global conversation between individuals, it adds value to online interactions for business by making them more accessible to their customer.

Twitter acts as my conversation starting point, an idea generator, news broadcast (often beating national news to the punch these days), a networking tool, a place to meet like minded people I would other wise miss, a feed reader of recommended links by trusted contacts, and so much more.

It has helped bring global awareness to issues such as Myanmar, poaching in Africa and free speech across the globe. Twitter has acted as rapid response tool for people needing assistance, and a way to reach people globally when more than just time is needed.

What started out as a simple way to track what someone is doing has turned into a brilliant and multi-faceted tool with more than just a noisy conversational application. It all boils down to connection, and how it works for each person, and how each individual decides to filter the stream.

Why does Twitter matter to you?

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