Facebook Junkies Make Great Employees

Just the other day, I was out and about in College Park, MD and was introduced to a young college-going woman at a local pub.  For some reason or another, she was keenly interested in what I do, and after explaining as best I could, she said, “So you”re like an expert on Facebook?”

After letting out a slightly frustrated sigh, I tried to explain further the concept of social media, especially how it has more broad implications than wasting time on yet another pointless Facebook game.  I knew I would need to end our conversation and begin a discussion with someone else when she said, “Well I”m a Facebook expert — I”m on it for hours a day.  If you ever want help, come talk to me.”  I forgot to ask for her card.

Sadly, this young woman, who is on the verge of graduating college, isn”t too far from the norm of college students in online casino regards to their ideas of the internet and social media.  I can”t even imagine what would have happened if I”d suggested in the very near future, she might be able to take online courses to complete her master”s degree on Facebook — she might have imploded.

Truth be told, most college goers don”t have the foggiest idea about what the latest and greatest trends in internet media are.  When I say “Viddler,” they ask, “Like Youtube?”  When I say “Twitter,” they ask, “Like AIM?”  These are the very same college graduates now looking for your jobs.

With that said, you will be, for better or worse, employing at least some of America”s best and brightest college graduates.  The fact of the matter is the group I just described bring something different to the table, something that  you”ll thank your lucky stars you have represented on your team.

Just because they aren”t up-to-date on the latest and greatest does not mean they aren”t capable of being so.  We”re talking about a group that loves the cutting edge; you have an instrument that just needs a little tuning.  All you”ll need is the tools to tune them properly.

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