Testing Qik for the HTC Mogul

The folks at Qik heard my plea for a version of Qik that worked on my HTC Mogul, and offered me a beta to test. I just got it, so I need to leave the house and do something interesting to really test it, but you can follow me here in the meantime. I have set Qik to update my Twitter stream when I have a stream going as well.

So far I can say that the installation went without a hitch, and my silly wee hours test video of my MacBook and shamefully messy desk posted rapidly – no trouble with the streaming to web at all. Giving my video a title was also a snap with the HTC Mogul’s touchscreen in action. The video quality of the HTC is a bit substandard, but that is an HTC issue, not a Qik one.

Look for updates to this post as I test it further, but so far, so good.

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