FaceBook Upgrades Their iPhone App

FaceBook released an iPhone App for the iPhone 3G a while back that had everyone underwhelmed. It shut people out from their favorite features and it made it impossible to make or accept friend requests and other oddities. Version 2.0 of the FaceBook fixes these issues and many more, making it a better application over all.

Mobile social is the new hotness, but most mobile applications and sites still get it wrong, reducing function for users. Having full featured applications available for our favorite sites is key to the continued growth of the hot mobile social sector. Everyone from FaceBook (iPhone App) to Verizon (SocialLife) seems to be picking up on the importance of the mobile social arena, but FaceBook may be one of the few who have gotten it right with this upgrade to their iPhone App.

The new app includes the full news feed now, which is nice for following many friends – it helps you keep up with the ones who are active. It also lets you add and request friends from your iPhone now, an essential component to using FaceBook. The fact they launched the first version without this feature floored me.

The folks at FaceBook also improved photo functionality, and made it easier to handle your FaceBook inbox and outgoing messages. They even included a better attachments model. also included is photo tagging and other options previously left out of the application. Overall I think this new version is a vast improvement on the original. Now if someone would just get on a decent mobile app for Twitter and for FriendFeed we’d be set with the big three.