What’s In Your Social Media Toolbox?

I did a presentation at the North Shore Web Geeks group meeting tonight in Newburyport, MA titled Managing Your Social Media Work Flow. In it I talked about the need to manage your time spent online wisely from the moment you choose your first social network. If you don’t, your social media profiles could easily consume your every free moment, and some that aren’t.

As part of the presentation I revealed my Social Media Toolkit, and recommended that each person in the room build their own toolkit to help them navigate the choppy waters of social media applications and sites. At the end I handed out a brief write up about my own toolkit in the hopes it would help people pick out tools of their own.

Tools To Manage Social Media Work Flow


Evernote.com is a note taking tool. It’s like having a little notebook on hand at all times, online and on the desktop, to help you remember whole pages or snippets of pages for later. There is also a FireFox 3.x and Flock add-on for Evernote in addition to the desktop app and web site. This lets you take notes on the fly, the tag them and sort them into groups.


Shareaholic.com is a FireFox and Flock browser extension (and FaceBook application) created by Jay Meattle of Lookery. It lets you share your online finds anywhere online (from FaceBook and Delicious to Digg, Twitter and more). This way you can send the content you find online wherever you want right away – no more bookmarking things for later and coming back to try and find out where you put them.


If you haven’t downloaded Mozilla Lab’s own productivity add on, Ubiquity, you should. You will never feel the same about typing Option+Space again. It opens up a whole on-the-go world of wikis, translation tools, email, Google integration (including inserting maps and graphics into docs, emails, etc as you surf) and more. It even has shortcuts for Twitter. Ubiquity is located at people.mozilla.com/~avarma/ubiquity-0.1.1.xpi


For maintaining the profiles you aren’t active on. Use this to send messages to groups of profiles all at once right from Google Talk or the web. Since my chosen three tools are Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook, I use this to maintain a presence on Pownce, Identi.ca, Rejaw, Kwippy, and other microblogging sites where I have claimed my brand to keep them “fresh”.


Whether you like Twhirl.org or Tweetdeck.com/beta (or whatever other Adobe Air app that does the trick for you), if you want to efficiently surf Twitter (and other sites like 12Seconds and FriendFeed) you need a desktop client to help you keep things sorted. My favorite for business use is TweetDeck with integrated search and groups to help you sort your noisy stream into family, friends, co-workers, etc.

TEXTEXPANDER (MAC) (Not aware of a PC equivalent)

This shareware application lets you create text shortcuts for the words, phrases, email address, numbers, code snippets and anything else you type repeatedly. It can save you as much as 3 hours a day of repetitive typing time. For the blogger with multiple blogs or the professional writer, it is a huge help. Find it at smileonmymac.com/TextExpander/

QUICKSILVER (MAC) (Vista Start Menu is closest equivalent for PC)

Keyboard shortcuts for the applications on your Mac. The closest PC equivalent is Vista Start Menu, but it isn’t as effective as QuickSilver.com for managing applications and other functions.

GOOGLE (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Analytics, etc)

If you aren’t using the plethora of free tools offered by Google.com for collaborative online documents and spreadsheets, email, web stat monitoring, chat and more, you should be. Not only do they save you time and money on their own, they also work hand in hand with most add ons like Ubiquity and Evernote for even more productivity enhancement.

HTC MOGUL running iCal and SyncMate for Mac (or any SmartPhone, PDA, Blackberry, iPhone with calendar and syncing tools for Mac or PC)

The modern equivalent of a secretary keeping your calendar and handling your communication and a notepad and pen for your pocket.

Alternate Tools

HelloTXT – similar to Ping.fm but not as effective or easy to use

Flock 2.0 Beta – integrates all social media into your web browser, but can get very noisy and crowded

Tab Mix Plus – my favorite FireFox extension for surfing the web with organized, saved tabs. Evernote makes this unnecessary for most people now.

From the short Managing Your Social Media Work Flow presentation by Leslie Poston

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