Government 2.0, Implementation Under A Technology President

Obama was elected as our next President by one of the largest margins in recent election history, ushering in a new administration under what I think can safely be called a mandate. Already he is being touted as the Technology President, and geeks everywhere are in spasms of ecstasy over the potential for technology, new media and social media. Many are even going so far as to say that he was elected by social media, though I disagree. It is my stance that he was elected by us after using his firm grasp of social media and technology to show the nation how to network on a global digital scale.

This week on Topics on Fire, Episode 9 we will be addressing the concept of Government 2.0 (a concept which one of our scheduled panelists, Dr. Mark Drapeau, would like to rename). We will be discussing the expectations we have for the administration, how accessible they are, what the embracing of technology really means for implementation in an old bureaucratic system like ours, and generally figuring out what social media means for government, agencies working with the government, privacy issues, and more.

It is my opinion that the time is ripe for a true transparent government using technology and social media. To what degree that transparency should be is something we need to assess as a nation. Technology and the accessibility and transparency it brings with it come with some inherent issues, such as security, privacy, legalities, defense and more. Walking blindly into a technological age of government without caution could have some drastic results, something I recognize even as I embrace this new frontier with all of my colleagues, friends and clients.

In preparation for the podcast, I’d like to hear your thoughts on Government 2.0, and your suggestions for moving us forward in spite of the weight of our heavy bureaucracy and often out dated systems of governing. If you sent email or direct messages asking to be part of the podcast, I am sifting through them on a first come, first served basis while I travel over the next two days. I look forward to seeing your comments, thoughts and ideas. See you on TalkShoe Sunday at 11PM!

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