Topics on Fire: Episode 11, It’s all about the shopping! POSTPONED

UPDATE: Because I wasn’t able to get the network here in my temporary “escape the ice storm” housing to ‘talk’ to TalkShoe, we have postponed the podcast to 12/21 at 10PM EST

This episode of Topics on Fire is about social media and technology as it applies to Shopping and the Holidays (last minute deals, budget shopping online, spending wisely in a downturn, online shopping resources, savvy online shopping, etc). Previous episodes talked about online video, race and social media, gender gap and social media/technology, using social media in education, poverty and social media/technology, government 2.0 and generation gap and social media/technology.

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Upcoming Episodes:

Next episodes are all a bit light in tone – hey, it’s the holidays! Let’s have a little fun with our online world.

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