RECAP: New Year, New You Topics on Fire Podcast Episode

Tonight’s podcast was a lot of fun, and incredibly educational. Those are my favorite kind of podcast – friends jawing it up over issues that intrigue them or interest them, with everyone walking away learning something. Panelists this evening included Scott Monty of Ford, Dmitri Gunn (man of mystery), Jamie Scheu from Hill Holliday and Thomas Edwards from Project Infinity. The chat room was lively and there was plenty of information being given and questions being asked.

The best parts of the podcast can only be found from listening to the podcast, and I highly recommend you do so. It’s only an hour long, and it is jam-packed with fashion advice and advice on fundamentals and culture and other interesting tidbits you need to navigate any social situation. You can listen to the embedded file above, listen on the TalkShoe page, or subscribe to it on iTunes.

I always try to come back and put an abridged version of the useful chat room tips and links here in the blog so that anyone who missed the live chat can see what was shared and what as asked. Here is your chat room sketch from tonight’s sartorial podcast (the very condensed version taken from 27 pages of chat transcript, focused mostly on links and tips):

At one point, after much banter in chat about ties, bow ties, getting your man to dress well, and other topics, Meg Fowler postulated: “If you want a man to dress well, take him out and tell him if he tries on eight things, you’ll buy him dinner. Then get him into eight things that will make him look gorgeous. When he SEES, and others compliment him, he’s more willing to try. But go with the style of guys he likes.”

After which Triston asked in chat: “To the women in the room, as one who enjoys being well-dressed and in fashion, is it really that hard to get guys to do?”

Anna (ShoeSmitten) replied: “It is! Here in Kansas…”
Christine (Cmajor) replied: “No – my husband wants to dress up nice. He just doesn’t know how to do it.”

Some back and forth ensued in the chat about places to shop on a budget. Some suggested places:

Ben Grossman, Thomas Edwards, Meg Fowler all mentioned H&M

Keven Doanes and Triston mentioned Express

Kevin Micalizzi, WayneNh and others mentioned Mens Wearhouse

Justin Herman, Scott Monty and Dmitri Gunn all mentioned JosABank

Triston added Banana Republic

As the discussion centered around fundamentals and building a wardrobe on the call, Justin Herman said “The tie is everything – a new tie makes an old suit look new”

Scott Monty and others discussed the idea of “disposble clothing” and why to avoid it in chat.

Anna (Shoe Smitten) points out that a pair of shoes can really make an outfit

Meg Fowler suggests you “Buy men’s magazines, get the basic ideas down. You can buy them other places”

Triston talks about knowing your own body type and dressing accordingly in chat.

Kevin Micalizzi and Triston discuss the importance of the lint roller.

More chat room debate about ties (keep in mind all of this chat room banter is occurring at the same time the podcast is going on)

Kevin Micalizzi offered up this link to settle the tie knotting debate from chat:

Thomas Edwards offers this link from the podcast

Scott Monty offers the link the follows it up with a bit of a poem:
For those who have lusted / to be honored and trusted / a bowtie, I say, never hurt /
For it isn’t your tie / Most people will eye / It’s the soupstain there on your shirt

Meg Fowler recommends this book

Scott monty links us to and

Triston asks “Are the fifties styled skinny ties and suits making their way back into more than just the casual-dressy realm…meaning the professional realm?” and it is answered in the audio podcast.

Anna (Shoe Smitten) posts and

Meg Fowler recommends, for wine, that you don’t order the names you know, as that’s where the markup happens

Ben Grossman offers up his love of

Scott Monty replies “Not my style. I like”

Scott Monty says “For shirts, and and”

Anna recommends stopping by her blog for fashion tips also: blog:

Scott Monty linked to the Fashion vs. Style site:

Scott Monty recommends this link about fathers vs. sons

Thomas Edwards asks “What is Style?”

Scott Monty says “Gentlemen, make this the cornerstone of your reading: “My Father’s Fashion Tips,” by Tom Junod (GQ, December 1996)”

Scott also recommends


  1. By the way, for those of you who have always wanted to know the answer to the question #wwsmw, listen to the podcast.

  2. By the way, for those of you who have always wanted to know the answer to the question #wwsmw, listen to the podcast.

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