Still crunching numbers for the survey from the last few weeks, and also wrapping up a major writing job rough draft. Look for the compilation post in the next day or so. Thanks for your patience!

Meanwhile, did you know that our Topics on Fire episode on January 18th is going to be all about WINE and social media? We’re going to discuss marketing it online, finding people who share your passion for it online, planning wine events online, finding great wine online, and more. We have some fabulous panelists, from wine makers and wine distributors to oenophiles, including Emilio Saez Von Eerd, Dale Cruse, Craig Drollett, Mike Cochran and a few more yet to be announced. PLEASE NOTE: this episode, and only this episode, will be live at 4:30 PM Eastern so that our panelists from Europe can join us. Future episodes will return to the normal time of 10:00 PM EST.

I’m planning to make an appearance at the Portsmouth MargUp Tweetup networking event on January 15th, so stop by and say hi. There is a chamber of commerce meeting right before that so I’ll be a bit late, but I will be there.


  1. meleah rebeccah January 14, 2009

    January 18th January 18th January 18th *marking my calendar.*

  2. meleah rebeccah January 13, 2009

    January 18th January 18th January 18th *marking my calendar.*

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