Topics on Fire, Episode 12: Wine Online at 4:30 EST Today

WINE is the subject of Episode 12 of Topics on Fire today, 1/18, at 4:30 PM EST. We’ll be discussing it from a wine maker, wine seller and wine drinker’s point of view. We’ll cover how wineries and distributors can market it online and using social media; how wine lovers can find wine events, wines and fellow winer lovers online; promoting wine events online; buying wine online and more.

Panelists include Emilio Saez Van Eerd of La Casa De Las Vides winery in spain (hence the one-time time change interfering with your football watching – trust me, it is so worth it!), Dale Cruse of Drinks Are on Me wine blog, Craig Drollett of Bin Ends Wine sales and tasting and Michael Cochran of Cult Vines boutique direct to consumer winery. I’m excited to talk wine with all of you, so put those football games on DVR or TiVo and spend an hour with us, won’t you?

UPDATE: Here is the embedded audio from the podcast. I’ll have the links from the chat room up as well shortly, so check back!

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