Social Media Jungle Is Coming To Boston

Jeff Pulver‘s Social Media Jungle was a hit in New York and Las Vegas, and now the 2009 Nationwide Tour has begun in earnest. The Jungle comes to Boston on March 10th, and I am honored to once again lead a discussion.

In New York I talked about human capitol as the new ROI in a session called ROI Is Not Money. One of the sub topics that was mentioned in that talk was working with multiple generations. I am pleased to come back for the Boston leg of the tour to lead a discussion called “Bringing Generations Together For Success In a New Millennium“.

It’s a mouthful, but the discussion will be all about how Digital Natives (or Generation Y), Generation X, Baby Boomers and the influx of other generations can find success by working together. I’ll touch on the nuts and bolts of making it work, including communication, handling knowledge gaps, generational personality clashes and other points. I’m excited, and I look forward to the lively and educational discussion that is sure to ensue.

You can sign up for the Social Media Jungle in Boston by clicking this link. If you enter promotional code TEF3B0IT you will also get a discount on the price for signing up through a speaker link. Take a look at the Roster of Discussion Leaders – this is well worth attending. I’m honored to share the spotlight with such social media luminaries as Chris Penn, Laura Fitton, CC Chapman and many more. This is going to be a great day for learning from each other!

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