What Is Independent Film

According to Wikipedia, an independent film is any film produced outside of the major motion picture studio system. I think that leaves out quite a bit. There is much more to independent film than just the studio (or lack thereof) where it is made.

To me, an independent film is a film produced from a place of passion. To go outside the mainstream and create a film that is worth watching, that touches the person experiencing it on a level deeper than the surface – that takes heart and soul.

An independent film is also created from a place of risk. So much of the script writer is on the page, so much of the cast and crew goes into making the film come together, often on a shoe string budget, with the hope that others will see and share the vision behind it. It must be a bit like skydiving on the back your strongest idea.

Independent film allows everyone involved to stretch beyond the societal norms, to try something new, different, and less commercial. Even though you have greater freedom with independent film to eschew the commercial, you do want some success – otherwise your idea may die on the vine.

Film festivals help bring people who are enthusiastic about film to your film’s doorstep, but it takes more than just a festival to get your idea to expand. It takes the people themselves to embrace it and make it their own, spreading the word to others that your film is worth watching, that it will touch them in some way. It is that embracing and adopting of your film by people everywhere who are looking for something more than just the banal mainstream that we hope to truly bring to the table here.

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