The Value of a Conference

The question I’ve been asked the most in the last 24 hours at Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston is “Why are you here?” People want to know what value you are seeking from their session and from the overall conference.

I go to conferences for many reasons. This particular one I am here because I want to know what my potential customers need to know. I’m listening. I’m wandering in and out of sessions and paying close attention to the questions people have. I am here to find out how I can better help YOU.

I’m also here to network. Part of what I do puts me in constant online contact with some of the most brilliant minds in the business. I am anxious to meet as many as possible. I’ve already met quite a few of the industry’s current thought leaders and up and comers over the years – it’s one of the perks of living in the Boston area. I’m hoping to meet some of the people who traveled in from afar, especially.

In trying to practice what I preach, I am always looking for ways to bring my online connections offline. One thing that makes social media so valuable for business is how easy is makes it to translate both worlds and extend your reach.

The value of this kind of conference for me is the eavesdropping to better serve my client base, and the networking. What is the value for you?

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