Come Play Hooky With Us At SMBNH BBQ

REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE (BE THERE OR BE SQUARE) (Please do bring your family – just remember to register them for their own tickets, too, so I have enough food planned. If we fill up I’ll release more tickets closer to the date)

By popular demand, the Social Media Breakfast NH (SMBNH) is taking a departure from the traditional “play hooky in the morning on the way in to work for breakfast, networking and learning” model, and taking full advantage of summer to play hooky in the afternoon for networking, learning and BBQ. Summer here in New England has been short this year, so why shouldn’t even the hard working have a little fun while they do business?

The SMBNH BBQ is on August 21, 2009 at Rick’s Pond View, #92 Route 125, Kingston, NH. Rick is giving us the run of the floating gazebo bar, the grassy lake side, the floating band area and more.  If it rains (let’s hope not) we can even move it all indoors.

Why an afternoon event?

1) You asked for one as a reward for all of those early morning commutes for SMBNH over the last few months
2) It’s summer. It’s just plain wrong to spend the entire short summer we have here in NH cooped up in a cubicle or slaving away at a coffee shop. We deserve our chance to network in broad daylight!
3) There is a band. Musicians don’t do early mornings, as a rule.

Why Kingston?

1) Rick is a client, and has generously offered his venue for free and the food and staff at a reasonable cost
2) Rick’s is 8 minutes off of I-495, 10 minutes off of Highway 101, and less than five minutes off of Routes 107, 108, and 111 where they meet Route 125. 30 Minutes from Manchester and Portsmouth, NH, 10 minutes from Haverhill, MA and 40 minutes from Nashua, NH – it’s hard to get more “central” than that!
3) Three words: Floating. Gazebo. Bar.
4) You can bring a canoe or paddle boat (no swimming, no motorized boats, it’s a reservoir)

Why isn’t it free?

With a tight economy, sponsor dollars are a little tight. We have partial sponsors this time that have donated either money or items to give away. Gold Sponsors are Custom Scoop and e-Forecasting. Their monetary donation is helping to keep the event cost low for you. Gift sponsors include Sullivan Tire (gift certificate), San Francisco Kitchen (Nashua, Gift Certificate) and Uptown Uncorked ( certificates to Rick’s A Cafe and Grill, Pesce Blue, Keys Grille, Gauchos Churrascaria). I will also give away a copy of Twitter for Dummies.


Gold Sponsor: e-Forecasting, an international economic research and consulting firm, offers forecasts of the economic environment using proprietary real-time economic indicators and produces company and industry-specific leading indicators for its clients. In cooperation with its affiliate, Infometrica, Inc., works with business publications and clients across the globe to provide industry, country and state-level economic content on a monthly and quarterly basis thus their predictive intelligence input is used by practitioners around the world.

Gold Sponsor: Custom Scoop

A pioneer in the online news monitoring industry, CustomScoop has been providing fast, accurate media monitoring to clients since 2000. Our proprietary technology keeps our clients informed about traditional and social media.

We customize each client account to deliver meaningful media intelligence to make our customers more effective and efficient. With a database that includes hundreds of thousands of newspapers, magazines, web sites, blogs, podcasts, and more, you can be confident in your results.

Theme for this Social Media Breakfast BBQ:

We’re Playing Hooky To Get To Know You, Because Real Life CONNECTIONS Are Key

This Social Media Breakfast NH (hashtag #smbnh) will be all about meeting each other, collaborating and forging alliances – networking in real time. In this struggling economy and shifting paradigm we need to be working together to be more successful and better weather the storm. We should be pulling in all aspects of technology, new media, old media and social media to succeed and more importantly to help the next generation succeed. This meeting will help us lay the foundation for a richer, better education, tech and new media community in NH. It will also give us a chance to spend one last (or first, if you’ve been that busy!) day to enjoy summer before the kids start going back to school in various districts and fall schedules take over.

In addition to myself, who will be your host and MC for the morning, you will have sponsor speakers giving three brief introductions on why they chose to sponsor this summer networking celebration.


• Opening Remarks by Leslie Poston, Uptown Uncorked and co-author, Twitter for Dummies

• Sponsor Speakers (Maria Simos of e-Forecasting, Steve Bracy from Custom Scoop, more TBA)

This is going to be a great breakfast BBQ!


Rick has generously offered his venue space for free and a reasonable price on the food and the use of his staff. He will be roasting a pig for real pulled pork BBQ, serving all the fixin’s and serving coffee, tea and water. There will be a cash bar if you’d like a summer brew or mixed drink to make your afternoon complete.

We will also have a band (Kryptonite Jones), and our sponsors will be available to tell you more about what they do and why they sponsored. FYI: there is a launch ramp. If you have a paddle boat or SMALL canoe/kayak, talk to me about possibly bringing it so you can row or paddle around the lake during the event – I’ll need to clear it with Rick for legal reasons. Note: this lake does not allow swimming or gas powered motors – it is a reservoir pond.

A made a quick QIK video of the venue for you. As you can see, I am not destined to be a film maker with this level of camera genius, but it gets the job done:

Eventbrite page is open for SPONSORS until later today, then tickets for all will open for sale. I need one more Friend or Gold level sponsor, also, for the band.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS! I hope to get a BUNCH of people coming to this fun, summer networking celebration.



  1. geechee_girl August 16, 2009

    I'm so excited to see people talking about the BBQ for social media. Pass it around – I want to get a full house. This is going to be a blast!

  2. geechee_girl August 16, 2009

    I'm so excited to see people talking about the BBQ for social media. Pass it around – I want to get a full house. This is going to be a blast!

  3. geechee_girl August 16, 2009

    I'm so excited to see people talking about the BBQ for social media. Pass it around – I want to get a full house. This is going to be a blast!

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