Reaching Out To NH Book Curators

This is a bit of a personal post for this blog, but I thought my network may have access to a better solution than I could find on my own. I am a book lover. A serious book lover. I have hundreds and hundreds of books. I adore the written word. I will most likely never be a Kindle user or PDF edition reader unless paper books stop being made, in spite of the number of ebooks I’ve actually written. There is just something about the heft of the book in my hands, the smell of the pages, the feeling of really getting a chance to be offline for a bit when I’m online so much for work.

I always have a space issue. To that end I tend to donate a lot of books that are not “keepers”, like grocery store paperbacks picked up for summer reading and the like or literary works I’ve re-read so often I have them memorized, to senior centers and libraries. I also store a few of my books to leave more room on bookshelves, though I have so many I could probably insulate a house with walls of bookshelves if I wanted to.  This brings me to my dilemma.

I had stored about 6 fruit boxes full of books in a dry attic. They got moved without my knowledge to a leaky area, where they stayed for about four years.  I found out and got, well, “upset” is really too mild a word, but we’ll go with that for now. I had the person who did that move them to a dry spot – and the person chose the porch. This is where they have been all summer. All rainy, rainy summer. They’ve dried out a bit but I never got to lay them out in the sun like I wanted to in order to fully rid them of any mold and mildew since this state got about 4 years worth of rain in 4 months.

With a fairly severe allergy to mold and mildew, my ability to bring them in and manually fix them is curtailed (this would also risk spreading the mold to the books already indoors that are fine). Is there any book lover, book curator, librarian or library out there willing to help me dry these out and curb the mildew? In exchange, some will be donated to you – I can’t really examine the boxes to find out which ones yet due to allergies and asthma. It would break my heart to toss them all if I can’t find a solution, though.

If you can help, do let me know. As an aside, it is getting to be time for the annual Fall book purge for donation anyway, so if you want your organization to be on the list of the books I’ll be donating from the house that aren’t mildewy, and from these boxes if I can save them, comment and let me know.

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