Inspiration Day: Michelle Wolverton

Michelle (@chelpixie) is a smart, kind and giving person. More importantly (well, to me anyway), she keeps me where I need to be (she recently came on board to help handle speaking gigs and scheduling things with me, and she is amazing). She is a great example of turning your life into what you always knew it could be. She also organized PodCamp 4 Boston this year (no mean feat, I assure you). I’ve had the privilege of seeing her come out of her shell and reach what I’m sure is only the beginning of where she’s headed over the last while on social media, and I can’t wait to see where this one-woman organizational dynamo lands.

She actually gave me the best scheduling advice ever, before she even came on board with me. She asked why I was so frazzled, and I told her about my schedule. she pointed out my desire to help everyone who asked and my tendency to schedule while I was traveling (on my phone, for example) was causing me problems. She gave me a few pointers on how to break both habits while still being helpful – and they worked like a charm. My stress level dropped back to normal, and I still felt like I had time to help people. So thank you, Michelle!

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