Youth Grasping the Power of Film

In NH, a group of kids got together with Media Power Youth and John Herman to make a short documentary for a cause. This film is called Team Hannah, and it debuted at the NH Film Festival this year.

These kids are the future of film – they grasp how to use the tools at hand to make a film on a budget, and to do it well – the film was very well done. They grasped the future of film in the importance of having a good team. More importantly, they are grasping the future of film in their use of social media tools and audience building to drive their film’s success and grow its fan base.

They used Twitter, Facebook and other word of mouth tools to get a room full of enthusiastic viewers to attend their online live premiere, followed by live Q&A today. It was impressive – the chat room was full, the film went without a hitch, and everyone from filmmakers to musicians (who donated their music for use) were on hand to answer questions. This documentary for a cause is the first of what we hope are many from this bright group of kids, and we hope that some of the old-guard filmmakers take a look at how naturally and seamlessly this came together.

Team Hannah from Media Power Youth on Vimeo.

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