PodCamp NH May Team Call Update

Hi everyone!

Just to keep you in the loop after our team call last night (Go Team!):

  • We are looking at two dates in October 2010 and will update you once we clear it with the venue
  • We will still be charging something to attend
  • We are losing the sleepover component
  • We will give folks who registered the chance to roll their registration over to the new dates or to cancel once we have the dates finalized
  • We will be issuing full or partial refunds to those that need them once we rewrite the venue contract and figure out the new cost
  • We will still have live music playing all weekend
  • We will still be offering food and having an after party, though those details will change a bit as well
  • We still have room for sponsors and sessions
  • We still plan to have Battledecks and other cool stuff as listed

Stay tuned for the details as we get them, and we can’t wait to see you!

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