Not Everyone Needs To Bring Someone In Long Term

I started offering a la carte services this week. Well, I’ve always offered them, but haven’t had them published in an accessible fashion before. Why try to (what some may consider) ‘down sell’ a potential client? It’s pretty simple: business under a certain size need help and need to accelerate their learning curve, but they don’t always need a long term consultant – that’s for larger business, longer films, bigger bands, larger wineries (which I also do). This? This is for you.

The a la carte things I offer are designed to help the average one or two person endeavor break the learning barrier, get a road map to both online and offline efforts and tools, learn how to think about adaptive media and integration for themselves, and generally find their way in such a way that they can be responsible for their own growth without being scared or intimidated or feeling lost.

One word of caution: I dump a lot of information on folks in these a la carte sessions. This is not “sit in a room and listen to me talk”. This is “please bring your laptop to the table and your business plan and let’s both get our hands dirty helping you out for the day.” I require that the people who take the immersion course already have dipped their toes in to social media, because this is about so much more than just how to set up social profiles. If that’s a fit for you, click the a la carte link in the sidebar ->


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