Stop Treading Water

One of the easiest ways to spot a snake oil social media consultant these days is to look and see who is still promoting “awareness” of social media. People, I’m pretty sure the planet is aware of “social media” now. Folks need real education and real help from people who have been in the trenches doing it for a long time, not “social media days” or light weight seminars devoted to awareness.

People seem to treat social media as if it were new, getting bogged down in the oil slick of shiny object syndrome, distracted by every new tool that comes along. And that’s just it – these are simply new tools for an old idea. Social media is not new (and I still hate calling it social media). Social media just looks prettier now and is easier for the average person to use. Continuing to think of it as new and to get distracted by awareness exercises will only have you treading water.

JAN 16, 1978This was the day that social

That’s 30+ years of being social using technology, folks, in a variety of ways and tools as we evolved the technology, and it doesn’t even include other social tech, like a simple phone call, a shared radio program or other ways humans have always tried to find common ground and like minded folks and increase successes. Now can we stop distracting ourselves with talk of awareness and just begin integrating this set of new tools into daily practice already?

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