Venues, Venues, Venues

I can not tell you how many venues the team has talked to for PodCamp NH 2010, slated for October 23-24, 2010. None of them have been willing to budge on price so that I can warrant having PodCamp NH for an affordable price. Yet. I’m hoping this post flushes one out.

Yes, we do pay our venues. However, we are a low cost learning event with a handful of sponsors, so we have a price point. We are not a for profit event. We are a user-driven educational event.

If you are a venue who meets the criteria below, please comment and I’ll get in touch with you. I’ve tried colleges, high schools, hotels and theaters so far, and have run into several hurdles at each one.

1. Can hold up to 200 people

2. Internet Connection with Wifi that can sustain 200 people

3. Ability to cater lunches OR allow us to have food catered

4. Parking – free or low cost, and plentiful and easy to find. Street parking is not ideal.

5. Large room to use as keynote and open/close room, will hold all 200 people even if some standing. May also use for larger/big draw classes

6. Four break out rooms that can hold up to 40ish people each for smaller classes

7. All rooms on same floor with a gathering area for hall sessions and recharging between classes is preferable if possible

8. Projectors and Screens in each room a must, podium and mic nice but not required

9. Table or desk seating nice, but not required. Partial table seating/partial theater seating can also work

10. Wheelchair Accessible

11. In any of the following areas: Concord, Manchester

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