Women in Tech: Quick Thoughts

I made a short (somewhat under caffeinated) morning video jotting my quick thoughts on the whole Women in Tech issue. In short, you can’t have equality and expect separate treatment, among other points. I think our foremothers who fought for us to have these chances to succeed would be less than happy at how much time we spend talking about the gender problem instead of fixing it.


  1. geechee_girl September 3, 2010

    Each time I post a video from the new little office, someone emails to ask what the banner on my wall says and what is on my shelf. This amuses me, but here you go:

    The banner has the Chinese symbols for Tranquility, Love, Courage, Happiness, Peace and Wisdom

    The shelf has Darth Tater, Cussing Parrot, Yoda Magic Eight Ball, Think Geek Screaming Flying Monkey, Laughing Happiness Pill, Glowing Floating Yellow Duckie, Glowing Floating Dice, A Bodhran (Irish drum), and three hats: Guinness, Whatever, Live Hard


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  3. Pamplicoposton September 3, 2010

    Once again, you have awed me with your thoughts! Working on resume – NOW!

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