Thank you TungleMe, Awareness and MicroArts

For sponsoring PodCamp NH 2010!

We appreciate it very much. Who are TungleMe, Awareness and MicroArts? Let’s take a look. is a scheduling application that syncs with your existing calendar. lets you propose multiple times in meeting invitations, share calendars across systems, inside or outside your company, and create a personal scheduling page with custom availability where people can see when you’re free and schedule meetings with you. It also automatically prevents double bookings and adjusts for time zones. Your calendar alone doesn’t give you that much agility. Follow Tungle.Me’s team on Twitter!

Offering social media marketing software to the world’s biggest brands and agencies for almost ten years, Awareness prides itself on providing enterprise-grade software that is powerful, easy-to-use, and easy-to-learn. The Awareness offerings include the Awareness Social Marketing Hub, a game-chaging application that empowers serious marketers to publish, manage, measure, and engage with enterprise features like permissioning, audit trails, and team comment response across social media channels and its seven brandable Best Practice Communities which enterprises can rapidly launch to perform targeted social marketing functions. Follow the Awareness team on Twitter!

MicroArts is a brand launch communications agency specializing in branding, Internet marketing and marketing communications that are laser focused on driving new revenues through predictable ROI. As an elite team of multidisciplinary specialists, our experience runs deep in brand development and positioning; website design and development; lead generation programs, self-service online sales platforms and advanced search engine marketing. Follow the MicroArts team on Twitter!

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