First Time Rules (there are none)…

Since many of you are first time attendees for Podcamp NH, I thought it would be a great opportunity to tell you what you can expect when you are attending or even presenting.

Anything Goes Sessions

There are many sessions that take place over the two-day span.  You can learn everything from making your first blog to brushing up on your public speaking.   This unconference touches on new media, where most of the attendees want to learn about podcasting, new media, blogging, video, and anything fun!  The skill level is beginner to advanced in the learing so anyone can contribute.  This is an unconference so no matter what session you pick you can move to a different one if you aren’t getting what you need from a session.  Bring your ideas and make sure you are open to trying new things, new technology, new communication, and a new way to meet people.  You will meet new people from every profession, different ages and different stages of their careers.  Some will be marketing professionals others maybe start-up business owners.  Basically this is a weekend of anything goes.  Bring a guitar, bring a movie you are filming, bring a business you are passionate about, bring new ideas, and bring a sense of fun. If you also get inspired to present a session there are available spaces to do your own session.

No Rules Presenting

If you are presenting, there are no rules.  There are suggestions, but really if you have a great way to portray your session, use it.  There are projectors and wifi; however we don’t recommend using the wifi for your presentation for it might prove unreliable with so many logged on in one spot.  Hand-outs are up to you, some attendees will have a computer, but not all.  If you have a slideshow, or a program to use during the session, make sure it is up booted and ready to show off.  Include Q&A time in your session and expect to talk about your topic more either after your session or anytime during the weekend.  Please include your contact information during the session, incase others have questions later.  Some sessions use Powerpoint, computer programs and others do not.  Again anything goes to get your session idea across.

In the end this is a weekend to expand your knowledge and ideas into a reality.  Have fun, learn new things and meet new people.  Happy Podcamping!

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