The PCNH Schedule Is Here! You’re session may be on it! You’re SOMEBODY!

That’s right folks, the PodCamp NH 2010 Session Schedule is RELEASED (like the Kraken, only cuter and more educational and fun).

If you can’t see the embed above, visit this PodCamp NH 2010 Session Schedule link. Be sure to bookmark it – changes or additions during the event will be posted there and tweeted out from @pcnh.

We can not WAIT to learn from each other!

Did you read this and weep, thinking you had not signed up in time to learn from the awesome people or partake of this fountain of fun and knowledge? Fear not! You can still register! There are classes from basic to advanced to choose from. Don’t see a class? Lead a hallway session.

Also, this year we’re encouraging lunch with a stranger for more learning – look for a blog post on how that works later this week!

Please note: PodCamp schedules are subject to GREAT SWEEPING CHANGE – that’s just how PodCamps work. Other than a couple of potential missed flights for folks flying in, we really can’t guarantee days, times or day/time requests.

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