Save Paper: Don’t Print The Schedule, Put It On Your Phone

We’ve made a QR Code for you that will take you to the PodCamp NH schedule. This will help save trees by not wasting paper on print outs, as the schedule sometimes changes a bit, and it will keep a handy reference in your pocket.

You can also grab this PCNH Event Room PDF file!

If you have no idea what a QR Code is or how to use it:

QR Codes originated in Japan. QR stands for quick response, and the are designed to be read by cell phones. They take any kind of transitory media and store it on or add it to your phone so you have it with you. They can be used to add contact info, take people to addresses or maps, give specials, install applications, share documents, or more. Each code can do one thing only, however, you can update what your code does for the people scanning it as often as you like.

To read them, no need a small scanner app on your phone. The PCNH code was generated using Kaywa, but you don’t have to use Kaywa’s reader to see it – you can use any bar code reader app on any smart phone to scan any QR Code. I use ShopSavvy on my HTC Incredible, for example.

QR Codes are easy and handy to have on nametags, web sites and more. Google Places even help you generate one for your businesses place which will give folks directions and show them your specials or other tips. Take it offline even further by putting yours on your window, on a menu or more.

Happy scanning!

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