Archiving PodCamp NH Tweets, PodCamp NH Photos, Videos and Tagging

The official hashtag is #PCNH everywhere. I’ve set up a PodCamp NH TwapperKeeper to catch the tweets throughout the day.

This is a multi media conference, so photos and video and audio will be taken. Please tag all media #PCNH as well so we can find it. There is a post from this week about accessing the Flickr pool for this year for adding your photos.

SPECIAL PHOTO NOTE: Permission to TAKE a picture should not be misconstrued as permission to UPLOAD it or to TAG IT with a person’s name all over the social web. MOST people are ok with photos being online. SOME people have jobs where this may be inappropriate, or they may view their personal privacy differently than you do. Ask. Ask. Ask. When in doubt, do not tag or upload until you follow up with the person directly.

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