A Month of Listening

Recently, I took a month (well, 40 days, to be exact) to just listen online instead of blogging. It gave me a unique opportunity to examine how much content and interaction out there is of value and how much is just so much regurgitated noise.

While I was listening, I also turned off all of my online filters. I do that periodically to make sure I am in touch with how the internet and social media appear to someone who may be new at it.

Some of the things I saw people new to this more social, more vocal, more prolific internet struggle with include:

  • Repetition
  • Relevancy
  • Source Trust
  • Filtering
  • Time Management
  • Boundaries
  • Data Ownership
  • Legal Issues
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Tool Choice
  • Engagement Levels
  • Rate of Return

That means over the next few posts I’ll try and address these issues in such a way that you and your business can glean benefit. I want to give you steps toward being online without sinking your business from spinning your wheels.  I do this at least once every year, and I am always so happy when it’s time to turn my own filters back on.  Interestingly, I also noticed a dramatic increase in the number of web savvy people who are starting to buckle under the weight of shifting filter needs as well, so I won’t be leaving the more advanced users out of these posts.

If you or your company struggle with these issues and more, and want to know how this internet and mobile focused word can help you reach success in spite of it’s challenges, you can trust us to help you navigate your way through and build a stronger business.

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