Do You Value Your Business Enough To Invest In It?

It’s not an uncommon reply to hear “it’s too expensive” at any price point when doing sales.

It is in human nature to make mental comparisons, however; people often don’t even know what they are comparing your price to in their heads – it’s just a natural knee jerk response you encounter when selling goods and services.

Even so, this mentality in this struggling economy can hurt any business badly. If you are offered a chance to stop spending hundreds of dollars an hour in the form of wasting your valuable time trying to struggle through learning social media on your own, followed by wasting more valuable time doing it poorly and getting no results, then jump on it, whether it is in the form of outside consultants or cost effective DIY classes that will jump start you on the way to using this effectively to get more business instead of spinning your wheels.

However, over the many years I’ve been doing this, I’ve definitely learned that you can’t make someone else value their business enough to grow it, so those that think their business isn’t worth investing even a token amount for a class, much less more money for deeper strategy and help, will most likely continue to struggle – a choice they are making on their own. This is why when I get requests for event scholarships and such, I tend to say no. It’s not that I don’t value your business, it’s that you don’t, and I want a class or client roster packed with folks who want to learn and who will go out and apply what they learn and be a success.

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