Facebook Making Moves in Security, Agencies and Branding

It seems Facebook is all over the online news today with some changes geared toward overall safety, and others to working with brands and agencies.

Some of the safety changes have been in the process of being rolled out for a while, with Facebook finally collecting all of the options in one place for user access via this post on user safety education, tools and practices. I think the best part of that post is the first section which deals with user education. Half the battle for internet safety is good education on what safety really means online. By making videos and tutorials available Facebook is taking a late, but good, first step toward making an educated user base. I highly recommend seeking out safety education from other sources as well, since anything by Facebook is going to be in keeping with the usual Facebook MO of serving Facebook’s own best interests before the user’s.

In the last part of the safety post, Facebook mentions their constant HTTPS secure login (which should be internet standard, in my opinion, but too many sites are slow to adopt this practice), as well as their multiple step login process. When out and about I use the firefox plug in HTTPS Everywhere to make sure I’m logged in to every site I visit via HTTPS, so that’s a good thing, having an HTTPS protocol in play. As far as the two step log in (which I’ve dubbed multi step because of my experience with it), I think that will only frustrate users. I’ve been using that process for several weeks now, and mostly? I find it clunky and find that it doesn’t “take” on the first attempt -ever. Toss in the multiple emails I get when I log in on a new device, and I think users may be a bit annoyed by the process and freaked out by the emails.

I’d be interested to find out what others using the new security features over the last few weeks think about them, and to get your opinions on the safety videos and links.

For brands and agencies, Facebook has rolled out something they are calling Facebook Studio. At first glance, I’m not sure what building this layer for agencies and brands will actually do besides create yet another place online to have to track regularly. It purportedly is intended to encourage ideas through example and to help ideas gestate through a community of peers. Frankly, looking at the number of fellow agencies and marketers and brands in my profile friends list on Facebook and at the ease of access to people whose opinion I value on Twitter and via email, I’m not sure more touch points with like-careered folks were needed here. I am going to recommend using this with caution, and waiting until it proves out as useful before investing much of your premium time and attention here.

Brands and agencies, what do you think of having your own playground for ideas and possible test runs on Facebook?

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