It’s About More Than Where You Are

For Portsmouth, NH’s Foursquare Day, I gave a brief talk about Foursquare to kick things off.  The talk was intended to inspire folks to think beyond marketing when it comes to location based services.

Are businesses and their adoption of the service driving a large part of Foursquare’s success?  I’d say yes. Even so, people seek more than just a simple deal or special when they interact with a company online. The companies who put themselves into their customers’ shoes to understand why they visit their location, and why they might check in to that location beyond getting a simple deal, will succeed far greater than those who treat Foursquare like another billboard.

Location is interactive. You are receiving data from someone, and they are publicizing their location voluntarily to hopefully include and connect with their friends and family while there, or to earn rewards like badges, mayorships and more.  This sharing of location data is much more intimate than sites like Twitter – it’s allowing brands to track someone’s habits offline. That’s worthy of a little more creativity than average on your part as a business, don’t you think?

Think outside of your sales quotas. How can your business use location to educate, interact, inspire, help, and reach out beyond your brick and mortar walls?

Part of this talk was intended to inspire, and part was intended to highlight some brands I applaud for being creative and consistent with the way they use Foursquare.  I could only include a few brands due to time – there are so many being innovative that I had to leave off. Did I leave off your favorite?

Reading: Foursquare Day in the News from the Portsmouth Herald

*Note: I did record my audio from this, but due to a glitch in the way the room held sound, it wasn’t usable. This is too bad, since I relayed a lot of fun data not shown here, and managed to sneak in a wide variety of humor (including a Snooki joke, on a bet). I’ll just have to tell you the jokes and info in person next time I see you if you feel left out.

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