Incorporating Video Tools for Non-Tech Savvy Team Members

One of the things you have to plan for as a consultant in this space is the client team member who is not technologically savvy or who is technology resistant. You need to include them in your strategy, but do it in a way that meshes well with the rest of the team and supports the overall integration and strategy.

One way I’ve found to do this, and to lower their learning curve, has historically been to incorporate the use of Flip Cameras as video tools instead of trying to onramp the technology reluctant into becoming smartphone or tablet savvy. This allows for push button video on the fly, something easy to master for even the least technologically oriented. Another helpful factor of using the pocket video cameras with USB and wireless capability is the chance to prevent in the moment uploads when you need to control the timing of your brand message, need to obtain permission to show people in the video before posting, or to us the camera as a teaching tool for tagging and titles.

Recently Cisco announced it was discontinuing my favorite camera to recommend for this purpose, the Flip Cam. It came in a variety of options and price points for all budgets. I still hold out hope that they will simply sell off this popular division, however, you can still use other portable cameras in the mean time. This post from the Wall Street Journal provides a nice short list of similar options and ratings.

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