TWO Robots Making Appearances At PodCamp NH 2011

You may remember last year’s PodCamp NH as having adopted Sean O’Connell’s Robot as our unofficial mascot, and walking the halls with the Robot while playing music session leader Matthew Ebel‘s song “Everybody Needs a Robot“, just for kicks between sessions.

Well, this year the Robot is back with a vengeance, and he’s bringing a friend. That’s right, not only is TechSean bringing Robot back, he’s making a second Robot for us also. The Robots will serve as Mascot and Information Booth – he’ll have a laptop embedded in him that will allow you to see where you need to go for your next session.

You’d think making us 2 Robots would be enough, but no – Sean is also a PodCamp “Friend of PodCamp” sponsor via TechSean.

Thank you Sean! We can’t wait to see the Robots in action!

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