The Countdown is on!

We have just 10 short days left until Podcamp NH and so I thought I would drop another surprise.

BUT first, I would like to remind everyone that Podcamp is just ONE day this year. That is 20ish sessions packed into one day. Quidditch and Jelly time and even Battledecks (a Podcamp NH tradition) all packed into one day. We have complete run of the school so there is still room for sign ups.

NOW for the surprise. Going to Podcamps and any type of conference you are given swag galore. There is always something, usually a t-shirts given to attendees. We thought we could be different. This year we have decided to give away tote bags. We thought it could show our green thumb and give our attendees something they would use on possibly a day to day basis. We will have other raffle items so you will have something to take home in the bags.

Come on up and join us!

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