No Personal Account Required To Have A Facebook Page: How To

For those of you who have struggled to have a personal presence on Facebook that you didn’t want just so you could have the business page you do want, there is a feature being discovered on Facebook as of a few weeks ago that you will love (and thanks to ReadWriteWeb for pointing it out). That feature is the ability to have a Facebook business or place page without attaching it to a personal profile. Fabulous news, right!?

There are a number of ways to achieve this that do not require nuking the personal and business profiles you have, which you can read at RWW. However, if you are a small to medium business who just wants a clean slate, fresh start reboot who has under 50 fans, here are the steps for you:

First, delete your business page now (make sure you have copies of the photos, etc you have on there – you will need to put these back up again). Please note: if you like your vanity URL on Facebook, stop now. Once you lose it you can’t get it back. To keep it you’ll need to go through the more complex process detailed on RWW. If you don’t care or have no idea what I’m talking about, proceed.

Second, delete your personal page (I am assuming you still don’t want to have a personal page in the first place, if that has changed, there are many more steps needed to make this change happen, so please stop right here and ask for help in the comments or visit RWW for more detail).

You are now not a Facebook user and your business does not have a page, enabling you to start from a clean slate and take advantage of this new feature.

To continue, you will need an email address that you have not used on Facebook before. Once you have that ready, do these steps:

1) Go to this link

2) Click the option for “Local Business or Place”

3) Choose the category that reflects what your business does the best – for some there is no exact match, so pick something close to it

4) Enter your business name, location, and phone number (this is key if you want to use features like “Facebook Place” or “Facebook Deals”

5) Click to select “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” and then click to select “Get Started”

6) You’ll be taken to another screen. Choose “I do not have a Facebook account” and enter your email address (use one you’ve never used on Facebook before!). Pick a password, enter your D.O.B. and enter the captcha code. Then click “Sign Up Now!”

7) You’ll get an email from a address asking you to verify your account. Once you verify it, you are up and running on Facebook for Business with no personal account

8 ) Optimize your page for search engines

9) Re-add your content if you had a prior page you nuked, add new content to populate the page if you are starting from scratch. (Content is stuff like photos, wall posts, Notes, etc)

10) Go to your Twitter, your Email Newlsetter and your Blog and alert people to the new page, and ask for “Likes”

11) Once you get 25 Likes, name your page – choose wisely: Facebook has become ever more strict on not allowing users to change URLs unless there is a direct trademark violation

12) To name your page, go to

13) To make your new page wall updates post out to your Twitter account, go to

14) Happy Facebooking!

See more Business tips from Facebook on their new Facebook for Business help page


  1. nicolesimon August 7, 2011

    a) that was already available a long time ago
    b) it just creates an empty profile with a different mail address
    c) you will not be able to use a lot of the apps as they require to be added from a personal profile
    d) you will loose your vanity url if you already have one and not be able to get back
    e) if you just wanted another profile as the main working one of that, just make a new profile, add that as admin and be done with it.
    f) why would you care about a connection of your personal profile with the biz page in the first place when there is no way somebody can tell it is you except you choose to?!

  2. geechee_girl August 7, 2011

    A) “ahem” 😉 Never assume the average Facebook user or new social media user knows about these features when we do nor that they would think to set up a page “backwards”, so to speak, which is basically what this is. Facebook encourages going from personal to business first for a reason – they want folks to feel obligated to populate a personal profile with useful data for their (FB’s) use
    B) Personal anonymity and, more important, the FEELING of being private, is very important to a large number of small businesses. Many remain unconvinced that their profile can’t be seen from their business page, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, and this makes them feel more confident in making a move to using social media to benefit their business.  I’m all for things that encourage people to try new things. 

  3. nicolesimon August 7, 2011

    I know that you have to tell people over and over again about basic features. And I disagree on the “they want people to go in and populate – if you look clearly on that, you are basically setting up a fake personal profile which is in direct violation of facebooks terms and conditions.

    For the second: if you are encouraging behaviour like removing and stripping an existing page because you want to give the FEELING of being productive you need to have the warning signs up for what it means to do 

    “First, delete your business page now (make sure you have copies of the photos, etc you have on there – you will need to put these back up again).”

    If you do that and you had a vanitly url you really wanted, you will NEVER get that back. Either you consider the users to be like little children who need protection – which in many cases people are, they are not stupid just don’t have all the information – but then you need to do it completely and not partially. 

  4. geechee_girl August 7, 2011

    A fake personal profile (that should be reported) =

    A blank profile (that simply has no information at all) = what happens when you set up your business page first

    Vast difference to me, as one is intentional deception and one is simply how someone can have a business presence on FB without having to have a personal presence, a huge issue for many.

    Re: The vanity URL – it’s also a handy way to change them and it is a good point to note you can’t get that back if you liked the one you had (however, most people doing these steps either don’t have a page at all yet because they didn’t want a personal profile, they didn’t have enough “likes” to get an URL or they didn’t know how).  I’ll add a note above with your point, though as it is good to mention.

  5. Stephan May 9, 2013

    seems like you need a personal account now 🙁

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