Getting Ready For Your PodCamp NH Experience

We have posted the schedule, however: PodCamps are designed around a full day of collaboration, networking, learning and overall participation. We’d like you to arrive on time and stay the day and really dig in for the full experience rather than breeze in for your session then leave. You won’t regret it!

What you should know:

This Saturday, August 13, from 8:30 – 5:00, PodCamp NH will be at the New Hampton School at 70 Main St in New Hampton, NH (Exit 23 off of I-93) and the after-gathering will take place upstairs in the billiards room at The Common Man in Ashland (Exit 24).

Registration opens at 8:30 AM in the ARC building. I’ll be uploading a map by Friday with all of the buildings indicated, but we’ll have a helpful banner at each entrance to the ARC building to help you find it. Please come register first when you arrive so we’ll know when you get there. If you get lost, tweet @pcnh or @leslie and one of the team will help you right away.

We have the run of the school. We’ll be concentrating our classes in the ARC building and having lunch in the cafeteria (and don’t let the cafeteria fool you – this is far, far more gourmet than any high school I ever attended, I assure you), but there are fields, lakes and paths as well as libraries and other common areas for you to gather and make powerful things happen.

Every classroom has a projector and a white board or chalk board. Some have smart boards. We also have the Mac Lab. Whatever it is you need for your presentation, we have it (except a laptop – please bring your own). We have tested the school’s internet with events before, and it can sustain your Hangouts, chats, tweets, Facebooking, email and more.

The official hashtag of PodCamp NH is #PCNH. Please use it on all content you create around the event, from tweets on up to photos, videos and blog post tags. We recommend you start your slide deck, if you have one, off with your Twitter handle or other contact info so folks can talk about your session in real time.

PodCamps operate by the Law of Two Feet. The attendees drive the content, and are encouraged to stay in sessions they are getting value out of, leave sessions they aren’t getting what they need in and start their own session if nothing in that time block fits the bill.

We’re also having Quidditch, Battledecks and a live Jelly block. If you want to play, bring a broom!

This should be a fabulous day with around 70 attendees signed up right now. I and the team can’t wait to see you all there!

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