What To Bring To PodCamp NH 2011



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One of the questions we get most about PodCamp NH is “What should I bring?”

Without further ado, a list of suggestions for this year:

1) Your Best You

How much you love PodCamp NH is directly related to how open you are to learning, listening, and discovering new things. Getting in touch with your inner child and approaching the day with equal amounts eagerness to play and eagerness to teach and learn will make all of the difference.

2) Your Laptop or a Notebook and Pen

If you don’t have a laptop, that’s OK. Bring a notebook and pen and your brain. Or hop on one of the public computers at the school between sessions.

3) Something to Remember You By

Normally I’d say “bring business cards”, but the nature of PodCamp NH is such that not everyone there is in a place to have them, or perhaps they prefer to fly without them. That’s ok. Be prepared to create or bring something for folks to take home to remember you by: bump your phones, QR code stickers with your contact info, actual business cards, a deck of playing cards and a sharpie, whatever – get creative – that’s the whole point!

4) A Broom

This is for those who want to play Quidditch. Bring your broom and talk to Chris Clark (who is running Quidditch) about what happens next.

5) A Camera

…or a camera phone, flip cam or other device for recording video and taking photos. This event and this beautiful area will generate a lot of visual and audio content.

6) Your Appetite!

Lunch is included (I KNOW – for only $5. How cool is that?) and NHS has the most amazing cafeteria with a talented chef. Please stay on campus and enjoy lunching and networking with the friends you are making throughout the day.

And don’t forget the after gathering if you can join us: The Common Man Ashland has agreed to let us gather in their billiards room for cash bar/food to continue our conversations over a game of billiards and a snack or dinner.




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