Simple Ways to Make Facebook Quieter for You

Over on my Facebook wall, I keep seeing the ubiquitous chain-status post about hovering over the subscribe button on someone’s profile to help get them out of the notifications column on the right.

That *is* one thing you can do, but you can also make yourself quieter for everyone. Go to your own profile (looking on the “wall view” that your friends see). Hover over one of the notifications of your comment on someone else’s wall.

Under the pencil icon (new timeline) or gear icon (old timeline) select “Hide this comment from timeline” then select “hide all comment activity from timeline”.

Do the same with a Like notification on your own profile wall.

This will significantly reduce how often you appear on Facebook by muting comments posting to your wall (and to the sidebar Facebook recently introduced), making it so you only appear in a relevant context to folks.

Additionally, it helps to double check your Privacy settings weekly. Set tags to need your approval. Turn off the ability of others to check you in to Places. You get the idea.

Also, be careful what Apps you allow to interact with your profile information. Many allow your friends to share information about you without your knowledge just by playing a game. There is a setting for this also, and a way to turn these notifications off as well. Be as on top of it as you can with each Facebook UI change.

Be proactive. Facebook will continue to throw us all curveballs but there is a lot we can do to make our own experience here better and more private.

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