Early Riser With A Social Tech Question?

If that’s you, I’ll be on WMUR’s online Tech Talk as their “Ask an Expert” every Wednesday morning from 7AM – 8AM Eastern this month doing my best to help you out of your social tech jams. Note: my answers will feed out to my Magnitude Media business Twitter (not to @Leslie – that account is noisy enough already!).

Questions I will answer: social media, marketing and general business tips and questions about social media and emerging media issues and tools. Wondering what the heck Pinterest is or have questions about Google Plus? Want to know about tools to help filter the noise or what a good blogging platform is for SEO? Those are great questions.

Questions I won’t answer: questions about your specific company’s needs (one question doesn’t give me enough info to tell you what kind of strategy to use for your next marketing campaign, for example). You really need to consult me (or someone else) as a consultant for an in depth question or marketing strategy needs.

I can’t wait to help you!

You can get to Tech Talk each Wednesday in February 2012 at this link.

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