WMUR 9 Tech Talk Transcript from Wednesday February 8, 2012

Here are the questions I answered this morning (read from bottom up).

Tune in next week (and every Wednesday in February) to ask me your questions!


  • OK everyone thanks for all the questions, and thanks to Leslie Poston for answering them!
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:53 AM
  • There is no certain way of knowing how much info sites like Facebook have about you. There are many lawsuits in effect right now all over the world where people are trying to force Facebook, in particular, to disclose that information.A safe assumption is that any info you type in (e.g. voluntarily give out) has been saved. I recommend clearing cache regularly, not using AutoFill in your browser, keeping backups of things like Google Docs, using OnePassword or Dashlane to create better passwords unique to each site, and surfing the web in incognito or masked mode wherever you can to protect yourself. Remember: the exchange for your use of free services is your personal data – it’s up to you how much you give away.

    by Leslie Poston 7:50 AM
  • Do we have anyway of knowing how much info google, FB, etc collect on our web activities?
    by Sean Mcdonald 7:45 AM
  • How to use social media to get more customers for your business depends in part on what your business does. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that will work well for any business.One example would be a restaurant: a good HTML5 site (not Flash!) with a great mobile version of the web site, Open Menu, an online reservation feature, a blog, share buttons so people can talk about you, and a Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook page would be great. However, that is only great if you put the manpower behind the effort – people expect regular updates and to be able to ask you questions where they are online. In the near future, Pinterest and video will be key here also. And please, put your hours, phone number and menu on page one – people on their phone or tablet don’t want to mess around trying to find that info.A doctor, on the other hand, has a lot of regulations to deal with like HIPPAA. Social media can help their business, but they have to be careful – same for any business that is regulated or that deals with children, health, legal issues, etc.

    Any small business needs a website (a good one – please pay someone to make you a nice one), good content, and some social outposts that fit where their customers are – this may be Google Plus and Facebook for one business and Vimeo for another – do your research or ask someone like me at Magnitude Media for help with your strategy.

    Have a schedule to make sure you update often once you get your social in place, and don’t forget to reply to the people who talk to you online. Do vanity searches and alerts for your business so you don’t miss chances to talk to people you might not follow yet.

    by Leslie Poston 7:46 AM
  • How can a small business best utilize social media to get more customers?
    by Dave 7:39 AM
  • Google’s new terms of service is a thorny issue for many! I look at it two ways: 1) They already had this layer of information about you (personal data is the price we pay for using services for free). They are just “consolidating” it to make your experience more universal across their platforms. In that way, they aren’t getting any “new” info about you. 2) This can create an issue for those that have kept their personal and professional personas separate on Google. If you are one of those people who like a clear divide and who use some Google tools for professional use and some for personal, you might look for other solutions. If you don’t mind the blurring of the lines, then you should be fine.

    Of bigger concern to me is how they have changed search. To get your old search results back (e.g. relevant search results), click the world icon at the top of the search page to turn off personal search, and then go into your Google Plus account and turn off the +1 results feature.

    by Leslie Poston 7:32 AM
  • If you’re a business that relies on google docs for meeting notes and storing other info, how worried should you be about googles new terms of service?
    by question 7:30 AM
  • Reciprocal linking is a bit of an old school tactic where sites would link to each other to help get more SEO traction. The issue there is that you could be linking to a site that you don’t endorse – a link implies endorsement. Better is to link to sites you really believe in and create good content around your business – then get it talked about on social channels, Links back to your site will come naturally without having to endorse sites that aren’t relevant to you.
    by Leslie Poston 7:28 AM
  • Jane from Facebook: Recently I was asked to link my web page to others (unknown ) in return they will link mine to theirs and I’d I did it for 5 pages, iget the same plus deep links it was called 3 way linking. And it was free?
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:26 AM
  • Pinterest and Gentlemint are two hot sites right now that are changing how we view the web. By making the web a more visual, curated experience. Currently, Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google Plus to product pages, which is a fascinating statistic considering Pinterest is still in invite only beta. At the moment I’d advise everyone to include not only mobile marketing and mobile active sites designed for tablets to their marketing plans, but to include a heavy emphasis on good photos and video.
    by Leslie Poston 7:25 AM
  • We hear a lot about Facebook, Twitter and Google+, what are some of the other up and coming social media websites?
    by Dave 7:23 AM
  • Skype is an excellent tool for customer service, especially if you utilize the video chat feature – it gives that personal touch to those customers that want to see who they talk to – but it’s not required, you can just text chat or call. There are plugins available to record Skype calls, Skype texts and entire conversations, but you need to install those before you embark on customer service via Skype. I wouldn’t use Skype without the recording tools – you need a record of your conversations for your business! The limit for a Skype video chat is small for the free version (I believe it is three right now – they recently changed it when Microsoft bought them) but you can have a paid account that allows you to have more people in video chat. You can have as many as you’d like in a text chat. The conference call feature is also three right now. Paid accounts can also choose their Skype number, their ring back number and other features.
    by Leslie Poston 7:17 AM
  • I’m in Customer Service and I noticed some of our customers have a Skype ID. What are your thoughts on using Skype as a communication tool instead of email and how many customers could you Skype with at a time? Is there a pause button? : )
    by Kelly Crowley 7:16 AM
  • There are stats out there on how advertisers used social media, particularly Shazam and QR codes. It’s a little long to post here, but if you check back on MagnitudeMedia.net Blog later today I’ll post several options for that for you that tell more about the metrics of the Super Bowl Ads
    by Leslie Poston 7:14 AM
  • Renee on Facebook asks: Do you know if there are stats on whether Shazam or QR Codes are more effective driving traffic (likes) to a facebook page? Twitter account? Website? I’m particularly interested in demographics of who uses Shazam and who uses QR codes. Thank You.
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:13 AM
  • No you can not see if people look at your Facebook page – that is a well known phishing scam on Facebook. If you see someone with that link on their wall it means they need to do two things 1) go into their privacy settings and revoke permission for that app and 2) change their password – they’ve been phished, most likely by clicking a similar link.
    by Leslie Poston 7:10 AM
  • can people see if you’re looking at their facebook page?
    by Sean 7:09 AM
  • I’m not sure why FB decided not to turn an edit feature on in their main updates, but you can edit two types of posts : a shared link (you can edit the description area in the link – the excerpt – by clicking on it once) and the comments you make (clicking the x once quickly after making a comment now opens an edit window). Both features only work for a few seconds after posting though! – I agree – I’d love to have a do over on my updates. I’m a typo queen.
    by Leslie Poston 7:07 AM
  • why doesn’t facebook allow you to edit your posts?
    by Sean 7:04 AM
  • That depends on how you use twitter for your business. You don’t have to, but following allows them to DM you and may lead to reservations/customer service questions online that you’ll need to be prepared to handle by monitoring your account or setting notifications to email or phone.
    by Leslie Poston 7:03 AM
  • Hi Leslie, if a customer compliments or contacts us via twitter and follows us should we also follow them?
    by KancamagusLodge 7:01 AM

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