Metrics Tips: Google Analytics Apps Gallery

Google has a lot of hidden gems. Sometimes the best gems disappear (we really miss many toys found in Google Labs that have been deprecated, for example), but their Apps Gallery has staying power.

One of the tools I didn’t mention in the most recent book, Social Media Metrics for Dummies (available June 2012), is the Google Analytics Apps Gallery. This book is designed to teach you metrics fundamentals and get you started on your measurement journey, or to increase your skill set if you’ve been taking a DIY approach to metrics for a while. Once you’ve got some metrics under your belt, you might find some of the tools here helpful.

Even more important, however, is the ability to list your tool if you are an app maker building a tool around metrics.  That link takes you to the submission form to get your app listed in the Google Analytics App Gallery. From there, you want to try to get listed in Editor’s Picks – this is achieved by good reviews and good ratings of your app by users.


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