Next Social Media Breakfast NH Fall 2012: Metrics

As emerging media becomes more and more main stream, the demand for a monthly breakfast has declined. This is largely due to an increasing number of social media events at all times of day putting a strain on resources for planning and sponsorship as well as attendance – people simply don’t have time to attend everything! That doesn’t mean SMBNH is over, though, it just means it’s not happening monthly any more.

Our next Social Media Breakfast will be September 14th, 2012.  It will be epic – the advantage of doing fewer breakfast is that we have more time to get amazing speakers and cool venues. Please email me if you would like to suggest  a speaker, as this is now entering planning phase, or if you would like to offer to sponsor in some way.

As many of you know, my co-founder Kevin Micalizzi moved to San Francisco thanks to his amazing job with I’ll miss him terribly not just as a friend, but also as an extremely efficient planning machine that helped me pull of SMBNH for the last three years, as well as PodCamp NH. That means if SMBNH is to continue at any frequency, I’ll need some help! Planning events is not a one person job.

Ping me if you think you are up to the task (warning: it’s time consuming). It should be noted that I am not just looking for help in the short term – at some point I’ll want to step down from this beautiful thing I’ve created and need someone who might be the right fit to take it over and carry the torch.

MEANWHILE, you can sign up for the next Social Media Breakfast NH right now, even while we are planning it. Note: Ticket price is “Pay What You Want”, as donation help us pull this off for you.



  1. Jeff Savastano September 6, 2012

    Is this event still taking place on 9/14?

  2. geechee_girl September 6, 2012

    It is not 

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