PodCamp Boston, PodCamp NH and PodCamp Philly Come Together For PodCamp East 2012

We decided to take a year and do an experiment to answer the question: what would happen if three of the thriving PodCamps came together as one for 2012? The answer: PodCamp EAST 2012.

About PodCamp East:

“Once upon a time, there was a little event that two guys started in Boston. Named after BarCamp, they called it PodCamp and expected 50 people to show up. Instead 300 people came and started a movement. Today, PodCamps have occurred on every continent except Antarctica and have helped thousands of people around the world learn, share, and grow their new media skills.

This year, the organizers of PodCamps Boston, NH, and Philly are trying something new: PodCamp East. We recognize that times call for a little more thrifty approach to attending conferences, so rather than litter the East Coast with lots of events, we’re bringing together 3 PodCamps into one.

Come join us on September 28, 2012 and learn, share, and grow your new media skills at PodCamp East!”

Will There Ever Be Another PodCamp NH?

YES, PodCamp NH is not dead. PodCamp East is an experiment this year to see what happens when you consolidate great minds into one event around a central theme at a location everyone can drive, fly, bus, walk or take a train to instead of having scattered events.

Can we sponsor, speak, register to attend, volunteer or otherwise get involved with PodCamp East?

YES. There are links to all of the above at the PodCamp East site, and Leslie Poston, PodCamp NH founder, is already committed to speaking as well.

We’ll be posting PodCamp East news here as it develops – there is a lot of exciting news about it to tell you all. Stay tuned here and on the PodCamp East site.

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