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Thanks to 2010 Sponsors And Team

As we get ready for PodCamp NH 2011, I wanted to take a moment to thank the sponsors and team from 2010:

To my invaluable team: John Herman, Christine Major, Kevin Micalizzi, Matt Turner, Chris Clark, Tom Acker, Amanda Narcissi, Wayne Kurtzman, Amy Greenlaw and Nick Plante: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. We can not pull off these cool conferences without a solid team.

Thank you to our 2010 Sponsors! We’ll be adding logos as they come in…


(Friend of PodCamp)

(Friend of Podcamp)

Publicity Sponsors:



Raffle Items:

JABRA US will be donating some cool headsets to raffle off

Que Publishing will be donating several fantastic tech books for us to raffle off

PodCamp Day One – Video and Recap from Bruce Garber

Bruce Garmin wrote a recap of Day One and took some amazing video, shown below:

Archiving PodCamp NH Tweets, PodCamp NH Photos, Videos and Tagging

The official hashtag is #PCNH everywhere. I’ve set up a PodCamp NH TwapperKeeper to catch the tweets throughout the day.

This is a multi media conference, so photos and video and audio will be taken. Please tag all media #PCNH as well so we can find it. There is a post from this week about accessing the Flickr pool for this year for adding your photos.

SPECIAL PHOTO NOTE: Permission to TAKE a picture should not be misconstrued as permission to UPLOAD it or to TAG IT with a person’s name all over the social web. MOST people are ok with photos being online. SOME people have jobs where this may be inappropriate, or they may view their personal privacy differently than you do. Ask. Ask. Ask. When in doubt, do not tag or upload until you follow up with the person directly.

Save Paper: Don’t Print The Schedule, Put It On Your Phone

We’ve made a QR Code for you that will take you to the PodCamp NH schedule. This will help save trees by not wasting paper on print outs, as the schedule sometimes changes a bit, and it will keep a handy reference in your pocket.

You can also grab this PCNH Event Room PDF file!

If you have no idea what a QR Code is or how to use it:

QR Codes originated in Japan. QR stands for quick response, and the are designed to be read by cell phones. They take any kind of transitory media and store it on or add it to your phone so you have it with you. They can be used to add contact info, take people to addresses or maps, give specials, install applications, share documents, or more. Each code can do one thing only, however, you can update what your code does for the people scanning it as often as you like.

To read them, no need a small scanner app on your phone. The PCNH code was generated using Kaywa, but you don’t have to use Kaywa’s reader to see it – you can use any bar code reader app on any smart phone to scan any QR Code. I use ShopSavvy on my HTC Incredible, for example.

QR Codes are easy and handy to have on nametags, web sites and more. Google Places even help you generate one for your businesses place which will give folks directions and show them your specials or other tips. Take it offline even further by putting yours on your window, on a menu or more.

Happy scanning!

Tips for PodCamp Attendees. Plus: A Flickr Group

PodCamp NH team member Wayne Kurtzman has just posted an exceptionally helpful set of tips for first-time PodCamp attendees. And, in fact, it’s worth reading for all attendees, even those of us who have been to a slew of these things. One tip I feel always bears repeating (and remembering) is “Bring a power strip.” The easiest way to make friends at a PodCamp is to provide an extra outlet for the guy or gal sitting next to you when they need some place to plug in their laptop, gadget, or smart phone. And what is PodCamp about, if not making new friends and contacts?

Another thing Wayne’s done for us is set up a Flickr group for the event. So, if you do take photos—and we suggest you do bring a camera, because Portsmouth is a beautiful city—please post them there.

Excited yet? You should be! PodCamp NH 2010 is going to be fantastic, and we can’t wait to see you there. Haven’t registered yet? It’s never too late. Do it now!

ShortStream TV talks with Leslie about PCNH, NHFF and more

If the video won’t play, click the Shortstream NHFF link to see it on Dan’s site directly

The PCNH Schedule Is Here! You’re session may be on it! You’re SOMEBODY!

That’s right folks, the PodCamp NH 2010 Session Schedule is RELEASED (like the Kraken, only cuter and more educational and fun).

If you can’t see the embed above, visit this PodCamp NH 2010 Session Schedule link. Be sure to bookmark it – changes or additions during the event will be posted there and tweeted out from @pcnh.

We can not WAIT to learn from each other!

Did you read this and weep, thinking you had not signed up in time to learn from the awesome people or partake of this fountain of fun and knowledge? Fear not! You can still register! There are classes from basic to advanced to choose from. Don’t see a class? Lead a hallway session.

Also, this year we’re encouraging lunch with a stranger for more learning – look for a blog post on how that works later this week!

Please note: PodCamp schedules are subject to GREAT SWEEPING CHANGE – that’s just how PodCamps work. Other than a couple of potential missed flights for folks flying in, we really can’t guarantee days, times or day/time requests.

Dover, NH TV Promo

Thank you to DoverNH.TV for the TV promo for PodCamp NH! You can view the spot where John Herman, Leslie Poston, Christine Major and Chris Clark talk PodCamp NH at this link (Starts after a commercial).

What is DoverNH.TV? is the New Hampshire’s first “Online” TV channel. Our goal is to provide the residents and tourists who live and visit our area with information about our community and our way of life.

To meet that goal we have created a variety of video segments on topics that ranging from gardening, and home improvement, food and dining, lifestyle, entertainment and nightlife, as well as business events, local news and other topics of interest.

One of the primary objectives of the site is to provide a valuable resource for local businesses to to promote their products and services where older established media sources are unable to meet the technological, and creative needs of the business community.

Hotels Added

Keep checking the Travel page. As we get info we will add it there for hotel rates and more.

We understand the first come, first serve rate offered by the Marriott is now over, as the hotel is at capacity.

Today, we signed on another hotel for you:

The Port Inn: The Port Inn has offered a rate of $89 to PodCamp NH attendees, just let them know the event name and that there is a special rate when you call. It is a quick cab ride to downtown, or a 20 minute walk, located off the Portsmouth Traffic Circle and convenient to all major roads. 603-436-4378 or visit

Stay tuned to the Travel page for more!

Portsmouth: City by the Sea

As with any conference, or in our case, (UN)conference there is a new place to see around the venue. We are very excited that this year Podcamp NH is in Portsmouth.  Portsmouth is a great location, starting with the awesome views of the waterway.  Wait, scratch that, it is autumn and cold…So lets say leaves, let’s start with Fall Foliage.  Just kidding. Portsmouth is known for it’s waterways, but more then that it is known for shopping and food.


From coffee to swanky dinner, the seacoast is known for it’s eateries.  *I am going to interject here and tell you that there is an after party planned for Saturday Night. Details to come soon.* First we can start with the awesome Portsmouth Gas Light Co. Restaurant, with night life, dinner and great drinks.  If you enjoy Breweries then Portsmouth has it’s own.  The Portsmouth Brewery is a hand brewer that is open for lunch and dinner.  There are also tours of the brewery.  These are just two nearby resturants for lunch and dinner.  We will have a breakfast spread at the venue, but if you prefer to stop somwhere else there is Cafe Kilm and a Starbucks near-by.


Just a short drive from downtown Portsmouth is the Kittery outlets for shopping.  Check out the website for a complete list of stores.  Along The main streets of downtown there are small and interesting stores all along the way.

During the lunch periods and after conference time and even during your law of two feet we encourage you to explore Portsmouth.  And enjoy the weekend!