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Winners of Fabulous Handcrafted Prizes from Diane Vautier

PodCamp NH attendee and constant NH social media supporter Diane Vautier contributed some very cool items she created out of old shirts from past PodCamp NH events.  They were a huge hit – thank you Diane!

Tom Clark + PCNH Laptop Sleeve


Reiko Beach + PCNH Handmade Tote


Diane Brogan - Handcrafted PCNH Silverware Carryall Set


Dave Seah + PCNH Laptop Sleeve


Christine Major + Silverware Carryall Set PCNH




Winners of the Jabra US Goodies at PCNH

Jabra US was generous to donate several headsets and a hands free car speaker system to PodCampNH this year.

This is the 3rd year in a row that Jabra has donated cool raffle prizes to our event – thank you!

Here are our lucky winners…

Randy Tompkins


Kevin Micalizzi





Winners of the Eye-Fi Pro X2 cards

Eye-Fi was generous to donate 2 Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB cards to PodCampNH this year.

Everyone was drooling over the cards, it seems anyone with a camera (especially pro photogs with their DSLR’s and iPads) really really really wanted to win!

So here are our lucky winners…

Brenda Dolan


Miriam Wilcox

PodCamp NH 2011 Wrap Up

Thank you all so, so much for coming to join us at PodCamp NH 2011! It was a wonderful day made all the more fabulous because you were there. We had 73 people sign up, and all but 15 showed – plus 3 extras who signed up at the door. It was the perfect turn out, making each class small enough to really dig in and meet your classmates and learn while creating an event that was full of amazing people to connect with.

I’d like to thank Erika Murphy and Jaime Sax of The Common Man in Ashland for handling our large group of 30 (plus two other groups that showed up at the same time, which meant the staff handled serving roughly 100 people who all came at once!) with grace and cheer. Thank you for the unexpected yet appreciated appetizers and for hosting us. The meatballs and the mac and cheese pizza were a hit.

I’d also like to thank Leia Brigham and the New Hampton School. The campus is lovely and inviting and makes PodCamp NH that much better just by inspiring us to learn. The WiFi held up under the strain, and the food got rave reviews. Having healthy, plentiful options for snacks and lunch for every person there, vegan and vegetarian included, was welcoming and kept us fueled up for the day.

I’ll be pulling links to your content here as I find it, in no particular order. Overall the tweets about PodCamp NH were fun and engaged with everyone learning and having a good time. We even played a (short) game of Quidditch and had a rousing Battledecks session. We had attendees from as far as Canada (Brian Rotsztein), Rhode Island (Bruce Garber) and Massachusetts (Tom and Reiko Beach, Chris Penn, Michelle Wolverton, Amanda Narcisi) as well as far flung parts of NH (Kevin Micalizzi and many, many more, some but not of whom show on this list). I left the day feeling energized, and I hope you all did also.

I’d love it if you chimed in on the comments here to remind people how to reach you, what you do, what you’re interested in and where to find you so we can help keep your connections going long past PodCamp NH.

Do you have photos of PodCamp NH? We have a Flickr Pool for PodCamp NH that you can add your photos to. Need an invite to add your pics, just ask!

Bruce K Garber made a “PodCamp NH in 137 seconds” video for us on his site at

Kirk Membry of Moss Creek Media grabbed a panoramic photo of the PodCamp NH 2011 kick off for us

Diane and Steve Brogan did a nice PCNH recap over on MomPopPow

PodCamp NH attendee (and team member) Sandra Rand talks about Bud Thorpe from SOPHA‘s session on Photography for your Phone

Miriam Wilcox from food blog Sometimes I Veg had lots of great things to say about the wonderful food options for PodCamp NH from New Hampton School.

Special thanks go to Magnitude Media for being the main sponsor this year, and to Awareness Inc for kicking in as well. We also had raffle giveaways sponsored by Diane Vautier (who made gorgeous bags and other items from last year’s shirts – amazing), head sets and speakers from Jabra US, two cards from Eye-Fi, gift certificates from the Tanger Outlets in Tilton, and salsa and chips out from local NH company Mitchell’s Fresh Salsa (if you missed the salsa and chips, you can friend them on Facebook to find out where to try it out). Also, many thanks to the team who helps pull this off each year.

Some of the Twitter Buzz about PodCamp NH: #pcnh had a most awesome day at podcamp nh. Thanks everyone!Sun Aug 14 02:21:09 via HTC Peep



Going to be at my 2:30 #PCNH session, How to Market Your Podcast? Get the “slides” in advance here: Aug 13 17:46:23 via Twitter for Mac



Best content on Facebook according to @AskTheBuilder: photos, ask a photo about it to get dialogue/comments going #pcnhSat Aug 13 19:06:17 via Echofon



@pcnh Thanks for a great day, here’s some robot photos! Aug 13 22:47:42 via web



Thank you for the wealth of ideas and inspiration, @leslie! It was helpful to witness the picking of your brain (& your killer shoes) #pcnhSat Aug 13 22:49:03 via TweetDeck



#PCNH @johnherman forcing us to think of what we’re DOING with SocMed – toppling government, personal growth, education, pop culture, moreSat Aug 13 15:27:19 via HootSuite



The food was unbelieveable. RT @leslie the fixed food of Podcamp NH link #pcnh Aug 14 12:56:26 via Twitterrific



You’re only as strong as your weakest link, sometimes that’s you. Pair up with the right people. @leslie #pcnhSat Aug 13 17:40:51 via TweetDeck



Thanks, @leslie @CMajor @ecc1977 @johnherman et al! Had a great time at #PCNH.Sat Aug 13 20:45:15 via Echofon



Survive by being the most responsive to change. @leslie #pcnhSat Aug 13 17:33:50 via TweetDeck



@ecc1977 @pcnh I want a Quidditch rematch next yearSat Aug 13 17:37:26 via CoTweet



Thank you 🙂 RT @leslie It’s unanimous, folks at #PCNH kind of wanted to adopt @chrisbrogan‘s folks @dianebrogan @stevebrogan 😉Sun Aug 14 12:51:06 via Twitterrific

PodCamp NH Opening Slides

Map of the New Hampton School Grounds

Here is a quick map of the New Hampton School grounds for those of you headed up tomorrow – registration and classes are in the ARC building, lunch only is in the dining hall (no breakfast this time, that’s a glitch in the map, though we do have coffee breaks and afternoon snacks for all as well as lunch) 🙂

See you at 8:30 AM!


What To Bring To PodCamp NH 2011



(the QR code is the schedule, for your phone)

One of the questions we get most about PodCamp NH is “What should I bring?”

Without further ado, a list of suggestions for this year:

1) Your Best You

How much you love PodCamp NH is directly related to how open you are to learning, listening, and discovering new things. Getting in touch with your inner child and approaching the day with equal amounts eagerness to play and eagerness to teach and learn will make all of the difference.

2) Your Laptop or a Notebook and Pen

If you don’t have a laptop, that’s OK. Bring a notebook and pen and your brain. Or hop on one of the public computers at the school between sessions.

3) Something to Remember You By

Normally I’d say “bring business cards”, but the nature of PodCamp NH is such that not everyone there is in a place to have them, or perhaps they prefer to fly without them. That’s ok. Be prepared to create or bring something for folks to take home to remember you by: bump your phones, QR code stickers with your contact info, actual business cards, a deck of playing cards and a sharpie, whatever – get creative – that’s the whole point!

4) A Broom

This is for those who want to play Quidditch. Bring your broom and talk to Chris Clark (who is running Quidditch) about what happens next.

5) A Camera

…or a camera phone, flip cam or other device for recording video and taking photos. This event and this beautiful area will generate a lot of visual and audio content.

6) Your Appetite!

Lunch is included (I KNOW – for only $5. How cool is that?) and NHS has the most amazing cafeteria with a talented chef. Please stay on campus and enjoy lunching and networking with the friends you are making throughout the day.

And don’t forget the after gathering if you can join us: The Common Man Ashland has agreed to let us gather in their billiards room for cash bar/food to continue our conversations over a game of billiards and a snack or dinner.




Getting Ready For Your PodCamp NH Experience

We have posted the schedule, however: PodCamps are designed around a full day of collaboration, networking, learning and overall participation. We’d like you to arrive on time and stay the day and really dig in for the full experience rather than breeze in for your session then leave. You won’t regret it!

What you should know:

This Saturday, August 13, from 8:30 – 5:00, PodCamp NH will be at the New Hampton School at 70 Main St in New Hampton, NH (Exit 23 off of I-93) and the after-gathering will take place upstairs in the billiards room at The Common Man in Ashland (Exit 24).

Registration opens at 8:30 AM in the ARC building. I’ll be uploading a map by Friday with all of the buildings indicated, but we’ll have a helpful banner at each entrance to the ARC building to help you find it. Please come register first when you arrive so we’ll know when you get there. If you get lost, tweet @pcnh or @leslie and one of the team will help you right away.

We have the run of the school. We’ll be concentrating our classes in the ARC building and having lunch in the cafeteria (and don’t let the cafeteria fool you – this is far, far more gourmet than any high school I ever attended, I assure you), but there are fields, lakes and paths as well as libraries and other common areas for you to gather and make powerful things happen.

Every classroom has a projector and a white board or chalk board. Some have smart boards. We also have the Mac Lab. Whatever it is you need for your presentation, we have it (except a laptop – please bring your own). We have tested the school’s internet with events before, and it can sustain your Hangouts, chats, tweets, Facebooking, email and more.

The official hashtag of PodCamp NH is #PCNH. Please use it on all content you create around the event, from tweets on up to photos, videos and blog post tags. We recommend you start your slide deck, if you have one, off with your Twitter handle or other contact info so folks can talk about your session in real time.

PodCamps operate by the Law of Two Feet. The attendees drive the content, and are encouraged to stay in sessions they are getting value out of, leave sessions they aren’t getting what they need in and start their own session if nothing in that time block fits the bill.

We’re also having Quidditch, Battledecks and a live Jelly block. If you want to play, bring a broom!

This should be a fabulous day with around 70 attendees signed up right now. I and the team can’t wait to see you all there!

PodCamp NH Session Schedule 2011

PLEASE NOTE: We have a very intimate PodCamp NH experience this year, with 65 people registered as of today. This means you have a chance for real, lasting connections, collaborations and learning. This is the kind of PodCamp where companies get formed, treaties are signed, world problems are solved and fun is had by all while doing it.

That said, please be on time and plan to spend the day with us. It will make your experience richer and your knowledge blossom. Feel like you are missing out? Don’t worry – there are still seats and sponsorships available: (heck, I even snuck in two extra session blocks in case folks thought of last minute classes)

PodCamp NH runs from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday August 13, 2011 in New Hampton, NH (I93N to Exit 23), followed by a brief gathering at Common Man Ashland (Exit 24) from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Many of us live in the area – if you are staying over on Friday night, give a shout in comments and we’ll go have drinks or dinner.

The 2011 PodCamp NH Schedule (note: this link takes you to a bigger page):


We have some great surprises for our attendees this year and the first one came yesterday. By popular demand, we have decided to make Podcamp this year ONE DAY. This means a day packed with learning, and evening gathering of like minds, Sunday to explore the area on your own, and the chance for a great weekend for everyone. Since this leaves many the opportunity to explore on Sunday, we thought we could let you know a few places in the area.

The school The New Hampton School itself is secluded. Not on a busy road, it has a campus that offers everything that a private school can. We have use of the cafeteria, where the meals are delicious and you have a wide selection of food to choose from during lunch and snack times. We also have access to the athletic field where we plan to play Quidditch.  There is also access to a library for impromtu one on one or small group sessions (“jellies”). The grounds of the school also have a beautiful pond to sit by and reflect or work. Since this is a PodCamp and the Law of Two feet applies, if you find that there is a time where you need to just sit and work, there are many places to do so.

To get an idea how far from Boston we are: last year PodCamp NH was in Portsmouth (1 hour north on I-95 to Exit 7). This year PodCamp NH is in New Hampton (1 hour and 15 minutes north on I-93 to Exit 23) – only a stone throw farther.

If you find that you have to travel Friday and Sunday there are plenty of places to eat and explore before the PodCamp begins and after it ends on Sunday. Remember to reserve your Saturday night for our after party, however, as it is an intimate chance to really meet each other. There will be more information about this as the event nears. The cute town of Ashland and it’s Main Street of Shops and Restaurants are a short drive from the School – one exit up to Exit 24. The Comfort Inn Hotel is at the same exit. The (original) Common Man, Bullwinkles Bar and Grill are two great Restaurants at this exit. We understand that there is always something going on in New Hampshire and this weekend is no different which is why places to stay may be few and far between.

If you are the outdoorsy type there are hiking trails and campgrounds, places to fish, tree top tours all within a few more exits. There is a Water park, Safari rides and even a train ride through the mountains. There are places to camp nearby complete with cabins, swimming pools, and even playgrounds for the family.

There is also our give away to all of our attendees: gift cards to the Tilton Outlets, so you can go shopping while in the area.

So join us for the entire weekend including a packed and exciting day of great learning and fun at Podcamp NH!