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WMUR Channel 9 Tech Talk Transcript from February 29, 2012

I have so enjoyed doing Tech Talk with you via WMUR Channel 9 (ABC) during the month of February.

I hope you found it useful. Here is this morning’s transcript


  • Hi Leslie,

    I’m currently interning with a very small company that has taken on the admirable (and challenging) task of rekindling the flame of local radio in Manchester NH, and my background in media studies and audio production has elevated my role to more of an operations manager.

    I’ve recently been exploring the ways in which our social media accounts interact with our website, and I’m trying to determine which functions are better provided by one medium over another. In short, our website provides our listeners with tremendous functionally, such as a blog, audio and video clips, press releases and survey questions, and our strategy has largely been guiding our audience to this website through our radio show and our social media accounts.

    My question is this: is it more productive to pull Facebook/Twitter users away from those sites and to our own unique website (which we also sell ad space for), or is it more effective to cultivate stronger and more interactive relationships on these accounts alone, or some combination of the two? At time it seems counterproductive to pull users away from an environment in which they already happy interact (Facebook/Twitter), but our ability to monetize our own website is important to our business model.

    Thank you for your input!

    by Steve Messa 7:00 AM
  • There are two parts to this answer.

    First: It is always better to pull people over to your site whenever possible for the simple reason that you OWN it. The TOS (Terms of Service) of Facebook, especially, dictates that any photos or other content you upload to their site, they own and can use for profit. They are doubling down on this with their upcoming social ads, that actually will pull comments from people’s public fan pages to sell their products. It’s always better for the business to keep full ownership of their content and full control over what they post and how it is used.

    Second: You can’t control how users prefer to use the internet, and the fact that folks are already comfortable with Facebook, etc and are already there means that yes, a presence there is key to your business surviving and thriving. The trick is to instill some kind of app or other mechanism that allows the user on FB to enjoy your content that you are producing on your site – not all businesses have the budget for this. If you don’t, then have a thriving presence there centered around conversation with your fans and use that to bring them out to your site.

    by Leslie Poston 7:01 AM
  • certain accounts are following me on twitter who i don’t want to follow me. can i block them?
    by Jas 7:10 AM
  • Yes, you can block accounts on Twitter. If you use Twitter by going to their site,, you can block someone by clicking their user name. This brings up a window with a synopsis of their profile. In that window you see a drop down arrow. Clicking that brings up a list of options (mention them, direct message them, add to a list, etc. The options for reporting and blocking are there. If you use a program like Hootsuite for Twitter, clicking the name brings up a profile window, and the block user, or block and report for spam, is at the bottom of the window.
    by Leslie Poston 7:12 AM
  • When is the iPad 3 coming out??
    by tech question 7:14 AM
  • I wish I knew! Apple keeps a tight lid on their product launches. Speculation says this year, but only Apple knows for sure.
    by Leslie Poston 7:14 AM
  • Is Tweetdeck the best twitter application or can you recommend a better one?
    by Jas 7:18 AM
  • Tweetdeck has been acquired by Twitter in recent years and they have been making some changes to it recently that have the users a little upset. While they sort it out I might recommend another option. 

    I use Hootsuite to manage my account and those of my clients. It is free for one user but more users cost money. One reason I like it – it lets you see when someone has replied to a customer already if you have lots of people on one account.

    Seesmic is another option, totally free, for one person to use. It’s really nicely done and clean.

    Another is Twimbow – a free app that lets you sort your stream by color and other cool things.

    If you like stats another one that isn’t completely free is PeopleBrowsr.

    If you are a larger business you might want something more robust, like Meltwater Engage (formerly JitterJam), the Awareness Hub, Eloqua, etc.

    There are hundreds of apps out there to choose from, though, so if you don’t see one you like up there you can look at tools like to find more.

    by Leslie Poston 7:23 AM
  • Suzanne from Facebook: I cannot load my music to y kindle I have tried on three diffrent computers and have followed all teh steps on the kindle & using the direction in my media players on my computers. very disapointed. any suggestions?
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:28 AM
  • Hmm. That sounds like a tricky problem. I know Kindles don’t always play well with music that is not in the right format. If that isn’t the issue, then I think Amazon Tech Support might be the best place to find an answer for this one – they can look at your whole problem and review the steps you’ve taken with you and help you fully.
    by Leslie Poston 7:30 AM
  • Hi Leslie, thanks so much for doing this chat today. I was wondering what’s the best way to increase the number of Twitter followers I have?
    by BigCity 7:31 AM
  • The best way to increase your Twitter followers is to be involved, be engaged and be interesting. For the first month you are on Twitter (or longer if you are struggling with it) it can feel like you are talking to yourself. There are some simple ways to get more people interested in talking with you:

    1) Make sure your Twitter account is not protected – protected accounts are hidden, so no one can find you to follow you

    2) Use Twitter search to find people talking about things you are interested in or topics relevant to your company – then join the conversation. You don’t have to be following someone to reply to them on Twitter! It’s by nature a public conversation and public news feed – jump right on in. Then, if you get a dialogue going, you might find that those people are people you want to follow and that want to also follow you. The #Discover area on is also useful for finding common topics to talk about with folks you haven’t met yet.

    3) At an event? Find out the hasthag and jump in on the conversation there and share your event photos etc using it. For example, Social Media Breakfast NH uses #SMBNH every time we have a breakfast so attendees can find each other and find content relevant to the event. Also make a list of the attendees to follow, and make sure you are on any public Twitter Lists for the event as well.

    4) Jump in on a live Twitter Chat. A great one is #blogchat on Sunday nights, but there are a ton of chats relevant to you. Check the full list here (or add yours to it if you have one you host):

    5) Get into Twitter habits. For example, @CSPENN is know for his link sharing #the5 now (among other things) – people now expect him to share his five best links using that hashtag. Find your “thing” then make it a habit

    This is just the tip of the iceberg but it should get you started!

    by Leslie Poston 7:38 AM
  • Sarah from Facebook: What do you think about pinterest’s policies on copyright?
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:39 AM
  • Pinterest and sites like it (Anybeat, Minglewing, Gentlemint, Foodspotting, TinyReview, etc) all have similar copyright policies. Facebook has one of the most evil site policies for copyright, giving them ownership of anything you upload, including private photos on your personal page, to sell for use in ads, etc. It just doesn’t get the same public outcry (which is too bad – it really should get the same attention until the problem is resolved, but I digress). 

    I like that Pinterest addressed the customer service aspect of the issue by putting control into your hands – if you look on their site you see they now provide site owners with a bit of code that allows you to opt out of having people “Pin” your content.

    Remember: the trade off for these free sites is YOU: is your data and your content. Protect yourself.

    by Leslie Poston 7:44 AM
  • I’m a teacher and was wondering if you know of any WordPress plugins for a self-hosted site that might be of educational use, such as games or site features.
    by LorenzoA 7:44 AM
  • There are so many cool WordPress plugins and site features out there for education, and some that are not intended for education but get put to use in the classroom. With so many it’s hard to narrow it down, but here are a few (YMMV):

    LePress: organize courses, make assignments

    Lesson Plan Book: Calendar of lessons

    Possibly Related Classroom Projects pulls in relevant projects from DonorsChoose

    Then there are a ton of plugins for calendars, histories, timeline visualization, visual content enhancement, and collaborative editing that are useful but not classroom specific.

    Find other teachers like @ldpodcast @johnherman @holden @scastriotta etc on Twitter and talk to them about what they use also.

    by Leslie Poston 7:47 AM
  • I have a Verizon iPhone, but I suppose my question could pertain to any iPhone. What are effective ways to charge it like during a power outage with no house AC power and car DC power is out of the question?
    by Thomas Grice 7:49 AM
  • If you do a quick search online, there is a charging case you can buy that extends the life of the battery long past normal use time. 

    There are also USB charge packs (look for one with the right connector style for the iPhone – some are meant for other phones). I keep USB charge packs in my house for my Android phone – it’s saved my bacon in a few NH ice storms and outages to have them around.

    by Leslie Poston 7:51 AM
  • I have 509 items on my Kindle (oldest model) I can I clean it out without having to delete each item?
    by martha 7:53 AM
  • I’m not a Kindle user, but it looks like you aren’t the only one having that issue. Apparently you can unregister your Kindle, download the items, then clean it off, HOWEVER – I’m not sure I’d recommend that route – I’ve never tried it myself. Here is a bit more about the problem:
    by Leslie Poston 7:55 AM
  • Thanks to everyone for the questions and thanks to Leslie Poston for answering questions all this month! You can see more about how to connect with Leslie on the right side of this page.
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:59 AM

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WMUR 9 Tech Talk Transcript from Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here are the questions I answered this morning (read from bottom up).

Tune in next week (and every Wednesday in February) to ask me your questions!


Thanks to everyone for joining us today and thanks to Leslie Poston for answering all the questions! You can read more about Leslie on the right side of this page and see where you can find her on the web.
by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:59 AM

I would recommend a crossover campaign for your church. So many churchgoers are active online it would be a shame to miss them (heck, many preachers are tweeting their sermons now), but church reaches an older demographic that isn’t online yet also so I wouldn’t abandon print altogether.

A cost effective ad campaign would be Google AdWords pushing folks to your church web site and Facebook page and adding a hashtag or other marketing tracking to print (use a different tracking code on the online ad) – that will help you start to see who finds you where and put the right amount of ad dollars to that spot.

Don’t forget to use Google Analytics on your site also to track who comes from which ad.

I wouldn’t recommend Facebook ads for you because of your budget (also, Google AdWords also allows geo targeting, and when used in conjunction with your Facebook Insights information can reach more people)
by Leslie Poston edited by Leslie Poston 7:57 AM

I run the website and Facebook page for my church. Our advertising budget is currently spent entirely on print advertisements in local newspapers. As a church, would we get more reach for our dollars by advertising on Facebook and other social media with geo-targeted ads, or is print still the best way to go for a local religious organization?
by April 7:53 AM

Facebook makes this a continued challenge by continually changing up the user experience and how they rank your posts. One thing to keep in mind while you seek more fans is that once you get them, you still only reach about 15% of your Facebook fans with your content on your wall because of how Facebook handles Edge Rank and how users can mute things in their newsfeed. That said, there are a few ways:

1) Good content, posted about once a day, + actually being there and talking to your fans
2) Facebook ads designed to drive users to your page (be careful, this can get expensive if you don’t watch the daily budget)
3) Contests and sweepstakes, although Facebook does NOT allow a contest expressly for the purpose of getting fans/likes – be sure you read the rules before starting one of these
4) Putting Facebook share buttons on your site and making sure you have a link back to your Facebook page there as well

There are many other ways but those are the simplest to implement quickly.

The number I’d pay attention to, more than how many fans you have, is how many are “talking about you” – much more significant.

Also, use your Insights to determine your demographic – it will help you decide what content to post that would be shareable – fans sharing your stuff is the best way to get new fans.
by Leslie Poston 7:52 AM

how do i get more fans on facebook for my business?
by dave 7:48 AM

There are two books out there right now on Google Plus that come to mind, a For Dummies book and ebook by Jesse Stay and one by Chris Brogan. I’m sure there are more on the way!
by Leslie Poston 7:42 AM

Any books or sites you would recommend on for using google +
by Sean O’Connell 7:41 AM

That sounds like something your company would need to set up for you for best results. If you use a traditional phone company land line and your company pays for the service you dial a code such as *72 to forward. If they don’t pay for the service, I’m not sure how you’d forward the phone. Companies out there like Ring Central claim to offer a paid solution for this problem, but again – it’s not free – and it isn’t something I personally have used so I can’t really recommend it. I’d talk with your company and tell them you need them to reactivate that service so you can better telecommute.
by Leslie Poston 7:40 AM

My company use to pay extra (didn’t state an amount) to be able to forward desk phones to cell phones but stopped doing this due to the extra money it costs. Not sure if it was part of the phone service or not but is there a free, safe application that will allow me to forward my desk phone to my cell phone? I work from home 3 days a week and have to check my desk phone voicemail though out the day.
by Kelly Crowley 7:37 AM

Since an iPad (and an iPod Touch) is not a phone, you need to grab an app like Skype to send texts (SMS). I know there are several out there to choose from but Skype I’ve used and it works well. You can also log in to your Google Voice account online and use that or download an app to access it as well.
by Leslie Poston 7:35 AM

Robert from Facebook: how do u text from an ipad?
by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:33 AM

For music you can create a playlist in iTunes and export it then upload that music playlist to your Fire legally. You can also do that for your photos in iPhoto.

Here is a discussion in the Amazon groups where people are working on that same question. The solutions they came up with might help you:
by Leslie Poston 7:32 AM

Can I transfer itunes games and media to my Kindle Fire? Thanks!!
by Laurie 7:27 AM

LinkedIn is a business-focused network. I connect with everyone on LinkedIn who is not a spammer, even if I dont’ know them, as it broadens my network there and gets me into the business circles of people I would not otherwise meet. I check out their profile to see if I can discover why they’d want to connect – it is not uncommon for people to reach out on LinkedIn prior to reaching out offline to conduct business with me, for example, or to research my bio for a speaking gig. I make sure they have a photo and a complete history before clicking accept.

I do recommend protecting your contacts on LinkedIn if you want to try to optimize your LinkedIn experience by broadening your connections. Make it so that only you see who you are connected to. This handles the issue of folks who want to connect only to see who you know.

Also, please don’t feed your Twitter into LinkedIn (or Facebook) – it is way to noisy! People go to LinkedIn and Facebook for a different experience and reason than why they visit Twitter.

If you are a business – make a LinkedIn Company Page! Create and participate in a Group! LinkedIn has so much overlooked value for people as a business social network.

How they handle contacts is nice also – you can export them (meaning you keep your data). A great feature. You can also have a feed of your blog, your Slideshare slides and more – so connecting outside of people you know allows more people who might be able to do things for your business see you display your knowledge.

Find me there at
by Leslie Poston 7:26 AM

I get requests from people I do not know in my area wanting to connect on LinkedIn. My feeling is that I should only connect to people I know. I use the opportunity to connect to them by offering to meet them for coffee as a way we can get to know what each other does and the type of clients we are looking for. Your thoughts on connecting to people you do not know in LinkedIn?
by ktombs 7:20 AM

I do think Google Plus has staying power. Interestingly, I would have said that even before Google made sure of it recently by integrating Google Plus into search (at the bottom of your search results, notice how it says “Ask this on Google +” now) and started pushing toward layering your social data and use data across all of their tools like YouTube, Picasa, Search, Gmail, Docs, Plus and more. I also think it is key for business to have both a Google Plus and a Google Place page right now.
by Leslie Poston 7:20 AM

Do you think Google + has staying power?
by Hank edited by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:17 AM

There are hundreds of apps for the iPhone that come out daily, so I’m not sure it is possible to keep up with all of them. Some favorites on iPhone and Android are Evernote, Batchbook, LinkedIn, Hootsuite (productivity/business). If you want to get social Instagram and Foursquare are great ways to connect with folks, also on iPhone and Android. Skype and Google Plus are also good apps. Square is a great way to handle mobile payments via credit card. #techtalk
by Leslie Poston 7:17 AM

Any new APPS for the iPhone you can share?
by rap4143 7:12 AM

Jeff, I’m not sure what you want to aggregate? If you want to aggregate your posts out to various social networks you can use your RSS feeds and RSS reader. You can also use a site like FriendFeed or a tool like Yahoo Pipes to monitor your own posts in one place.

If you want to aggregate various social network accounts into one dashboard, you can use a tool like Hootsuite, Seesmic or Tweetdeck (there are many of these).
by Leslie Poston 7:05 AM

Jeff Savastano on Facebook asked: “I’m looking for an inexpensive social media aggregator tool. Can you recommend one?”
by Leslie Poston 7:04 AM

Read more (And join us next Wednesday at 7 AM Eastern to ask your questions at this link also)