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Amway “breaks” into music with Fanista

When I heard around the Internet that Amway was using one of their corporations to break into the online music business, I thought it was a joke. In fact, it seems it is true. Amway is planning on “breaking into the online music business”.

Amway is knocking on the door of online music through a web site called Fanista. How is Fanista set up? Rather like a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme, it seems. Very Web 1.0.

Fanista sent out an email to potential beta testers recently. In this email Fanista made a weak sales pitch and tried to encourage people to join. Our source for finding out about Fanista was kind enough to post their copy of the email in full on their site, found here.

Here is an excerpt from the email that displays the MMM / pyramid structure:

“And we’re willing to reward you for your efforts if you’re interested. Through our unique “Common Interest Commerce,” or “CIC,” rewards program, users who become CIC members can earn up to two levels of commission: 5% of every purchase made by the friends they bring in, and, when their friends become CIC members, another 5% of every purchase made by the friends of their friends. Users can also earn insider perks and achieve social status for establishing themselves as tastemakers and “experts” when they share their voice and loves with the community at large. It’s our way of rewarding the people who help us build the community.”

I was hoping to explore this potential gold mine of humor myself, but have not yet received confirmation from my sign up to the private beta invite. That in itself is a problem, since I “accepted” my invite over a week ago. That kind of sluggishness doesn’t bode well for a start up breaking into a crowded field.

I’m not sure if their association with Amway will help or hinder them. I’m guessing it will hurt their chances of success. After all, how long has it been since you’ve trusted an Amway pitch?

Should I finally receive my confirmation of sign up this weekend, over a week out, I will come back and update this post with screen shots and a review of actual use of the site. Until then, suffice it to say that their sales pitch leaves much to be desired and smacks of Amway schemes past.

My original version found at Profy site.